PSG is going to be a cheat code in FIFA 22 and I’m so here for it. PSG is must watch and must play with on the stick this year. (EA Sports)

PSG Is Going To Be A Cheat Code In FIFA 22

I’m so excited for FIFA 22. Mainly because I cannot wait to see how filthy this PSG squad is going to be in the video game. After the signing of Leo Messi, PSG has established themselves as the clear cut favorites in the Champions League. More importantly, how much fun is this team going to be in FIFA?

For those who watched my FIFA 20 series, you already know that Kylian MBappe is the biggest cheat code in the game. There is nothing you can do to contain that guy. If MBappe only lights you up for a hattrick, call it a blessing and keep it moving.

Neymar was already a problem but now you’re adding Messi on the other side. Personally, I don’t love using Messi in the game. Ronaldo is way better in the video game. But Messi has dirty trick moves and he can score from WAY DOWNTOWN. Anywhere outside the box, Messi can make it splash.

PSG already added Sergio Ramos, Georginio Wijnaldum, Achraf Hakimi, and Gianluigi Donnarumma this transfer window. Shit, at this rate, Paul Pogba is on the way. Pogba is filthy in FIFA on both ends of the pitch. That feels like a matter of time given the additions the Parisian club has already made.

Let’s not forget the other players they already have on the squad. Presnel Kimpembe, Marquinhos, Marco Verratti, and Mauro Icardi too. Good god. Hell, Keylor Navas is a backup… this is nuts.

Can anyone stop PSG? Loading up a team in career mode to try to knock them down in FIFA 22 is going to be as fun as it gets. I can’t wait for it.

PS: Cervantes said I’m allowed to be a PSG fan. Sorry, not sorry.

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