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Conor McGregor

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Potential Update On Conor McGregor’s Return Timeframe

Conor McGregor
Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Potential Update On Conor McGregor’s Return Timeframe

Conor McGregor’s return to the UFC octagon seems to be delayed. It has been over a year since we last saw “The Notorious” compete in MMA. For those that do not remember, things did not go his way at UFC 264 in July of 2021. The Irishman lost via doctor stoppage in his trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier after he broke his left tibia and fibula.

McGregor’s manager, Tim Simpson, provided an update on McGregor’s return in an interview with MMA Junkie. McGregor’s role in the upcoming ‘Road House‘ will affect McGregor’s return in addition to his injury. Simpson addressed how both will factor into the future for McGregor.

“As the injury continues to heal, and he continues to prepare for a comeback, the timing worked well. Great opportunity there to do a Hollywood blockbuster in the meantime,” Simpson told MMA Junkie. “(Filming) fits in perfectly. He’s still on track for a big return next year, but this fits in perfectly in the meantime.

“The leg is still healing. I think there’s a little bit more to go on that,” he said. “But he’s been training like a madman twice a day, every day. He’s got his full team out there, the McGregor Fast team, all his health and fitness guys, physio, boxing, coaching. He’s been going hard. He’s been training super hard. He’s in amazing shape, just final adjustments to get that leg back where it needs to be.”

Quote via Bloody Elbow

It is peaceful to know that the filming of ‘Road House’ will not affect McGregor’s return. With his superstar status, there have been questions regarding how much effort McGregor puts into fighting. Taking time off solely to film a movie would add legitimacy to those claims.

As far as the injury goes, it is good to know that McGregor is taking his time. MMA is a dangerous sport and rushing to return would only lead to more negatives in the future.

All in all, this is not much of a surprise. If you were to look at the UFC’s current pay-per-view schedule they are booked up until UFC 282 in December. Even then, Jon Jones is looking to fight on that card. If UFC 282 sees Jones as the headliner, that would push McGregor’s return to January of 2023, at the earliest.

Simpson did not provide an update on the opponent for McGregor’s return. The only detail he provided in that avenue was that McGregor would be willing to fight at lightweight or welterweight depending on which fights are offered. That does not provide much insight as there will be plenty of opponents, in each weight class, raising their hand to be McGregor’s return opponent.


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