Robert Covington
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The Portland Trail Blazers are finalizing a deal to bring in Robert Covington. The deal will reportedly send Trevor Ariza, the 2020 first-round pick, and 2021 protected first-round pick as well to the Rockets. The report was first announced by Woj on Twitter.

Trevor Ariza was nice when the Blazers acquired him this last season, he came in and immediately started providing a much-needed defense to a Blazers team that struggled in that category. The Blazers are clearly in a win-now time frame, while Houston is looking to rebuild with James Harden wanting out. This move is good for Portland as it replaces an aging 36-year-old Trevor Ariza for a 29-year-old Robert Covington. The latter can provide great defense and some good three-point shooting for Rip City.

In his career, Trevor Ariza has averaged 10.5 points, with about 5 rebounds, on a 42.5 shooting percentage, and a 35.2% from three. Compared to Robert Covington who has averaged 12.7 points, about 5 rebounds on 40.6% shooting and 35.6%.

The Blazers needed help on the wings and if the trade goes through they’ll get just that. If the trade goes through, the Blazers will have given up a hefty price for Covington. But, that’s what you do when your in a win-now mode, you don’t have the money to go after big-name guys in free agency.

As we see more and more trades come being reported before the draft, Portland Trail Blazers fans have been anxiously waiting to see if their General Manager will do anything. They got their answer, but we’ll see what other moves they make.

However, this trade can not become official until after the draft because of the fact that a team can not trade consecutive picks, but you can trade draft right of a player.

This is breaking news and will be updated as we get more details.


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