Pittsburgh Steelers
(Nick Wass/Associated Press)

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only undefeated team left in the NFL. However, nobody is giving them the respect they deserve.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Deserve Some Damn Respect.

First, Colin Cowherd put the fraudulent Buccaneers ahead of the Steelers in his rankings. We have since seen that the Bucs still have a lot to figure out. Then, Stephan A. Smith, this morning, had the audacity to not have the Steelers in the top three.

Stephan A.’s rankings had Kansas City first, which is fine I won’t dispute that. However, the next two teams I just couldn’t believe. He had the Bills at two and the Saints at three, then the Steelers at four.

Let me get this straight the Bills a team that is vulnerable on defense. Has an offense that is as hit or miss as they come. Do they deserve to be put over the Steelers? I think not. The Saints another two-loss team in which the defense isn’t anywhere near the Steelers level. And with an offense that hasn’t come alive until the past two weeks.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Need To Be Taken Seriously.

There is no way the Steelers should be behind these teams. And these so-called “analysts” who know jack shit. Continue to look like fools with their egregious takes.

The reasoning Stephan A. had for the Steelers being at number four on the rankings was just absolutely ridiculous. Stephan A. claimed it was because the Steelers barely beat the Cowboys. C’mon Stephan A. it was a trap game the Steelers are in the softest part of their schedule right now. Going up against the Bengals and Jaguars followed by another clash with the Baltimore Ravens.

The Steelers won though that’s the difference between them and the Bills or Saints. You can’t tell me in that same situation the Steelers found themselves in, that those other teams would’ve found a way to win. Especially the Bills who have proven time and time again they would revert to their old ways and lose that game.

I don’t want to bash the Bills. I really don’t I like Josh Allen I think he’s really talented and has a bright future. However, when there are “analysts” on TV spewing garbage about the only undefeated team left in the NFL. I have to correct the blasphemy. Just watch the Saints and Bills will be exposed and the Steelers being as complete and well-coached as they are will excel to the point they can’t be ignored.