TV Experts
Double Vodka Don wrote a perfect blog exposing the truth about TV Experts. Former players and coaches don’t know anything more than the common fan. (NBC Sports)

The graphic says it all. Let’s think about this for a second; NBC employs former coaches, players, and respected journalists. Not a single person picked the Saints to win the game last night. Worse yet, the best record on the show now is 5-4 and that’s picking games straight up. Those records aren’t even against the spread!

Of course, New Orleans smacked Tampa 38-3. Of course, I picked New Orleans because I’m not an idiot. Here’s the proof.

TV Experts

I’m so glad Double Vodka Don wrote his blog titled:

‘I Have Hard Evidence That The “Experts” On TV Have No Idea What The Fuck They’re Talking About”

It’s 100 percent true. Everyone should read his blog because it can’t be said any better. The people on TV don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. NBC employs guys like Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison who are in the Hall of Fame! Chris Simms was a former NFL quarterback.

People who have spent their entire life around the game of football don’t know jack shit. DVD is right on the money. At least the Barstool guys are funny and bet against the spread. These jackasses on TV get paid millions of dollars to get picks wrong without betting the spread. It’s INSANE!

“I was on the Bucs last night, therefore I am an idiot. But the difference between me/Barstool personalities and the frauds on TV is that we admit at the end of the day we’re a bunch of babbling idiots that don’t have any sort of real edge other than watching the games and saying what we think might happen. This panel is full of “experts” who’s entire lives have been/are dedicated to football. Hundreds and hundreds of years of NFL experience, All-Pros, Hall of Fame coaches and players, the list goes on and on. These guys know so little about picking games that the best record on the entire panel after last night is 5-4 and that’s straight up, not even against the spread!”

There’s nothing more to say. Hell the guy calling the game for NBC still thinks Mitch Trubisky is on the same tier as Pat Mahomes. I’m just so glad DVD posted his blog because it needs to be said.

The sports fan deserves better and we here at Vendetta can do it in a more intelligent, smarter, and funnier way.