Bjorn Broman
(Jeff Sochko)

I was able to interview Bjorn Broman. Bjorn was an accomplished basketball player at Winthrop being one of twenty-five players in their history to score 1000 points. Bjorn was successful at all levels of his life.

Interview Bjorn Broman Questions 1-6

Question: When did you start playing basketball?

Answer: “I started playing basketball in a league when I was four years old.

Question: What was your favorite high school basketball memory?

Answer: “Playing against Duluth East in front of around 2500-3000 fans.

Question: What was it like scoring 74 points in a game?

Answer: “When I scored 74 points it felt as though I couldn’t miss. My Confidence was at an all-time high and there wasn’t a shot I didn’t feel confident shooting. I wish we won the game but I gave it my all.”

Question: What was your recruiting scene like?

Answer: ” I wasn’t recruited as much as I’d like as I was undersized for the division 1 level and not as athletic as most guards. But I used that as fuel to work even harder. I had 3 Division 1 basketball offers. Had a lot of interest from others but none of them wanted to take the chance on me.”

Question: Why did you choose Winthrop?

Answer: “I picked Winthrop university in South Carolina cause of their history and always competitive in making March madness.”

Question: What was your best college memory?

Answer: “Best college memory was honestly just being out in public/community and people coming up and say they’re cheering for us and supporting us. Really is a special feeling.”

Questions 6-12

Question: What was was your best college basketball memory?

Answer: “Best college basketball memory is definitely March madness in 2017. Unreal experience. Not even the game, but everything leading up to it. I’ll never forget it.”

Question: What was it like scoring 16 against Florida St?

Answer: “Florida state was a fun and difficult game. I played really well and had 16 points and 5 assists. At the time I knew they had future NBA players but it didn’t set in until after how good they actually were.” (ended up being Dwayne Bacon and Jonathan Isaac.

Question: What went through your head when you scored your career high?

Answer: “Whenever you score a career high, you’re just in the zone. It such a great feeling cause my thousands and thousands of hours of work is paying off.”

Question: What was it like playing top power 6 teams?

Answer: ” It was a blast playing big time teams. The whole experience and atmosphere we never forget. I always approached it as an opportunity to make some noise and shock the basketball world.”

Question: What was it like going to March Madness?

Answer: “March madness was amazing. The media practices, the behind the scenes, the police escort was all just a dream. One of the best weeks of my life. Loved every second of it.

Question: Who is your inspiration?

Answer: “My inspiration is my older brother Anders Broman. He inspires me every day because of his work ethic. He’s the hardest worker I’ve ever met, and that has rubbed off on me in every area of my life!”

I would like to thank Bjorn for allowing me to interview him. He had a very successful career and I actually ended up choosing Winthrop to upset Butler. This goes to show how hard work pays off.