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Pick Em

Pick Em
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The Pick Em Challenge continues on into Week Six. Alex Chick is still leading the way in first place, Font is in second, and Kriegs is in third. It’s been a tough two weeks for the Empire’s Finest crew, but hey that’s gambling. The only thing you can do is hope to be better and this week we try yet again.

Pick Em Challenge Thursday Night Football

Chick: Tampa Bay -6.5

Krieger: Tampa Bay -6.5

Fontanello: Philedelphia +6.5

Thursday night football is normally a tough game to pick. However, there is a very interesting stat out there right now. Tom Brady is 0-10 ATS in his last 10 primetime games. Based on that he’s either due for one or the opposition just plays very well when going up against the GOAT.

Pick Em Challenge 1:00 PM Games

Chick: Jacksonville +3

Krieger: Miami -3

Fontanello: Jacksonville +3

The Dolphins have fallen off a cliff since the Tua injury and it has not looked pretty. The Jaguars have many problems of their own. Nevertheless, I’ll take the better offense and that is the Jags.

Chick: Houston +10

Krieger: Houston +10

Fontanello: Houston +10

The Cots stink, they are terrible and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Texans outright win the game. I’m taking the Texans because I just cannot trust the Colts to cover a double-digit spread.

Chick: Green Bay -5.5

Krieger: Green Bay -5.5

Fontanello: Green Bay -5.5

The Packers are 4-0 ATS in their last four games and Aaron Rodgers has owned the Bears since I was a kid. I’ll gladly take the Packers under a touchdown here.

Chick: Washington +6.5

Krieger: Kansas City -6.5

Fontanello: Washington +6.5

The Chiefs are in deep trouble, they can’t beat a good team to save their lives and they still suck ATS. It’s Sean Taylor day in Washington on Sunday I just have to take the Football Team here.

Chick: Carolina +2

Krieger: Carolina +2

Fontanello: Carolina +2

The Panthers haven’t been playing very well recently but I can’t pass up a home dog. The Vikings barely beat the Lions last week and I expect the other big cat of the NFL to give them fits.

Chick: Los Angeles Chargers +3

Krieger: Los Angeles Chargers +3

Fontanello: Los Angeles Chargers +3

The Chargers are really good and so are the Ravens this is going to be a great game on the slate. However, someone has to win and I think this is where the Chargers assert themselves as the real rivals to the Bills this season.

Chick: Detriot +3.5

Krieger: Cincinatti -3.5

Fontanello: Cincinatti -3.5

The Lions are sure as hell due for one with the way they lost recently. However, Joe Burrow is playing great and J’amar Chase is an elite talent. I’ll be taking the Bengals here.

Chick: Los Angeles Rams -10

Krieger: Los Angeles Rams -10

Fontanello: Los Angeles Rams -10

The Giants suck they flat out suck. Do not for even a hot second think they’ll keep this game competitive. Take the Rams and don’t try to be cute the Giants are going to get steamrolled.

Pick Em Challenge 4:25 PM Games

Chick: Cleveland -3.5

Krieger: Arizona +3.5

Fontanello: Arizona +3.5

The last unbeaten team in the NFL is an underdog? Yeah, that means we’re taking the Cardinals here. I love the Browns, but not against this team.

Chick: Las Vegas +3.5

Krieger: Denver -3.5

Fontanello: Las Vegas +3.5

Well, the Raiders sure went for a loop with the John Gruden drama. However, I really think they get back on track here after that whole thing is behind the team Gruden is gone, and maybe the team rally the troops. Also, the Broncos just aren’t that good.

Chick: Dallas -3.5

Krieger: Dallas -3.5

Fontanello: Dallas -3.5

The Cowboys are actually good this year and must be noted they are undefeated ATS this year. The Patriots don’t have enough talent to compete in this game and they won’t.

Sunday Night Football

Chick: Seattle +5.5

Krieger: Seattle +5.5

Fontanello: Pittsburgh -5.5

The Seahawks have been dealt a big blow with Russel Wilson being hurt for multiple weeks. Not to mention, Geno freaking Smith is the starter yuck I’ll never bet on that man.

Monday Night Football

Chick: Buffalo -5.5

Krieger: Buffalo -5.5

Fontanello: Buffalo -5.5

Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills! The Titans are not very good and I do not expect them to slay the giant of the Bills. Buffalo rolls here and continues on their tear through the league.

Let’s hope this week is better than the last two weeks, at least for some of us. It will be a fun slate of games and hopefully, luck falls our way.



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