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Jon Gruden

(Photo by Terry Schmitt/UP)

Jon Gruden Is Out As Raiders Head Coach

Jon Gruden
(Photo by Terry Schmitt/UP)

Jon Gruden Finally Out In Vegas

Jon Gruden has told his staff that he will be resigning as the Raiders head coach. This is coming off two straight losses and a racially insensitive email that has resurfaced about NFLPA DeMaurice Smith. This is no surprise after the news broke out Friday night about Gruden’s email. Mark Davis asked to meet with Jon Gruden Monday night where the two agreed it was best for Gruden to step down. The is ironic that this news would break during the Monday night game where Gruden made a name for himself for years. The league is working towards limiting these racist-type situations. Many owners and people around the league were hurt by the comments Gruden had made about Smith. He had no choice but to resign as the Raiders coach. As it would be a distraction for the rest of the season.

First Reported By: Tom Pelissero

Where Do The Raiders Go From Here?

The Raiders have named assistant head coach, Rich Bisaccia, to take over head coaching duties. Offensive coordinator Greg Olson will now do the playcalling with the absence of Gruden. This may be the best thing that could have happened for the Raiders. Gruden was in his 4th season, in his second stint with the team. The team got off to their first 3-0 start since 2002. Finally, looking like the team has turned the corner winning all three games against teams who won ten-plus games a year ago. Right on queue, the Raiders hot start was too good to be true. Under Jon Gruden, the Raiders have gotten off to starts of 6-4 and 6-3 in the two previous years. Before falling apart to end the season and miss the playoffs. The Raiders might be better off with Jon Gruden gone.

Where do the Raiders go for a head coach in the offseason? Is Derek Carr still the quarterback? Mike Mayock, will he still be the general manager for the team? With his questionable draft choice, during his tenure. The Raiders are looking to tear everything apart once again. A constant revolving door for the Raiders the past 20 years. We have absolutely no stability!!!

Gruden Losted His Touch

The Raider offense has become dull and predictable all year long. Gruden uses the West Coast system that he had mastered in the past. He is still trying spider two y banana that is extremely outdated. The offense has become incredibly frustrating to watch in all games this year. Gruden has not wanted to put his foot on the gas to start off games. Being down 14-0 in two of their three wins this season. Gruden constantly calls run play on first down, out of the “I formation” with a decimated offensive line. Putting Derek Carr in long second and third downs. The Raider Nation will say its final goodbye to their beloved “Chucky”. We all love Chucky he embodied the Raiders. This is the correct decision for the organization. There is no excuse for these words that were said and average play on the field. Just win, baby.



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