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Pick Em

(Jennifer Vu/Vendetta Sports Media)


Pick Em
(Jennifer Vu/Vendetta Sports Media)

The Pick Em Challenge is here again for another week. Last week wasn’t as rough as I thought it was going to be as I went 7-9, Krieger went 7-9, and Chick was 9-7. As it stands for the season I’m 30-34, Krieger is 27-37, and Chick is 36-28. Another week means another chance to have a good week.

Pick Em Challenge Thursday Night Football

Chick: Los Angeles Rams -2.5

Krieger: Los Angeles Rams -2.5

Fontanello: Seattle +2.5

Thursday night football has the Rams and Seahawks which should be a good NFC West matchup. However, I have no idea how to gauge the Seahawks or the Rams after last week. Nevertheless, give me Seattle as the home dog here.

London Trip 9:30 AM Kickoff

Chick: Atlanta -3

Krieger: New York Jets +3

Fontanello: New York Jets +3

It is the first London game of the year and I have no idea what to expect here. Sure the Jets played really well last week and Falcons. Well, they Falconed. However, I’m thinking the Jets play well enough to cover this game maybe even win.

Pick Em Challenge 1:00 PM Games

Chick: New England -9

Krieger: New England -9

Fontanello: Houston +9

The Houston Texans do not have an easy matchup here against the Patriots. I know last week the Texans got stomped but I’m using a new system and the numbers tell me to take Houston. We got live dogs this week.

Chick: Tampa Bay -10

Krieger: Miami +10

Fontanello: Tampa Bay -10

Tampa Bay is feeling good after getting Brady the win in New England and I think now they are super focused. Going up against the Dolphins who look really bad right about now. I think the Bucs take care of business.

Chick: Carolina -3

Krieger: Carolina -3

Fontanello: Carolina -3

The Panthers are a good team and Sam Darnold is the guy for them. Sure last week Dallas toasted them, but with the added piece in Stephon Gilmore and the fact they come back home, there’s no way Carolina doesn’t cover.

Chick: Detriot +9.5

Krieger: Detriot +9.5

Fontanello: Minnesota -9.5

I gotta be honest I really wanted to take the Lions here. However, there’s too much data pointing towards the Vikings. Sharp money and Big Money are both in favor of the Vikings. Therefore, I’m going with the Vikings.

Chick: Tennessee -4.5

Krieger: Tennessee -4.5

Fontanello: Tennessee -4.5

The Titans and Jags both had really bad weeks last week, for different reasons. The Titans may be frauds, but there’s no way a team that just had its head coach go viral for clubbing is going to even compete in this game. I’m just going to take the Titans and hope for the best.

Chick: Denver +1

Krieger: Pittsburgh -1

Fontanello: Pittsburgh -1

Well, I mean I have no idea who to take here the Steelers look like shit and the Broncos are starting Drew Lock. From the standpoint of who has the better quarterback, it is harder to say if Teddy Bridgewater was healthy. However, with Drew Lock, the Broncos aren’t good. This is easily a very bad game to pick, but somebody’s gotta do it. I’m again just taking the Steelers on a whim.

Chick: Green Bay -3

Krieger: Green Bay -3

Fontanello: Green Bay -3

I like the Packers and I like the Bengals. However, taking Aaron Rodgers at such a low number is a great bet the Packers are rolling and the Bengals still have a lot to learn.

Chick: Washington +2

Krieger: New Orleans -2

Fontanello: Washington +2

The Washington Football Team came out with a huge win last week. While the Saints may not be who we thought they were. I love the home dogs and I’m taking another one here with WFT.

Chick: Las Vegas -5.5

Krieger: Chicago +5.5

Fontanello: Chicago +5.5

The Bears look better now that Justin Fields isn’t running for his life every play. I love the Raiders, but the numbers are saying take Chicago so why not take another dog.

Pick Em Challenge 4:25 PM Games

Chick: Los Angles Chargers -2.5

Krieger: Cleveland +2.5

Fontanello: Cleveland +2.5

I sure do love when the Browns are underdogs they always seem to perform when everyone doubts them. Going into Los Angeles after the performance the Chargers just put on, it’s a tough task. However, I’m taking yet another dog and this I feel great about.

Chick: Dallas -7

Krieger: Dallas -7

Fontanello: New York Giants +7

The Giants are going into Dallas when the Cowboys are playing some of their best football in recent memory. This is a typical Giants thing to play great and lose on a last-second field goal. The Giants are back to being high spread underdogs and they are a great bet this week.

Chick: Arizona -5

Krieger: San Francisco +5

Fontanello: Arizona -5

The Cardinals may damn well be the best team in football right now. I normally love taking the Niners, however, not in this situation. I think the Cardinals do what they did to the Rams and score early and often.

Sunday Night Football

Chick: Buffalo +3

Krieger: Buffalo +3

Fontanello: Buffalo +3

Chick is absolutely right on this one hammer the Bills. They are playing great and the Chiefs still don’t have a defense I trust the Bills defense to get more stops than the opposition. Also, the bills have an underdog sign me up.

Monday Night Football

Chick: Indianapolis +7

Krieger: Baltimore -7

Fontanello: Baltimore -7

The Colts have really disappointed me this year even after last week’s win in Miami. The truth is I don’t know who to trust in this game. However, I’d rather take the Ravens on the existential coin flip.

Let’s hope this is a better week than last week. The picks are in check back on Monday night after the game to see who won this week.




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