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The Pick Em Challenge continues on into Week Ten. Krieg won the week again I’d say someone’s on fire a bit. Chick is still in first place as he went 6-8 this week bringing his overall record to 79-64-1, Font is in second after a 6-8 week bringing his overall record to 74-74-1, and Krieg is in last after an 8-6 week bringing his overall record to 71-77-1. It was a rough week all the favorites got their doors kicked in. I have no idea what’s going to happen this week we’ll sure as hell find out though.

Pick Em Challenge Thursday Night Football

Chick: Baltimore -7.5

Krieger:  Baltimore -7.5

Fontanello:  Baltimore -7.5

Thursday night football has the homecoming of Ravens QB Lamar Jackson. Jackson was an absolute stud in High School and Pop Warner in Southern Florida. Going home to take on the Dolphins, who are again without Tua. The Ravens are going to throttle Miami.

Pick Em Challenge 1:00 PM Games

Chick: Tampa Bay -9.5

Krieger:  Tampa Bay -9.5

Fontanello: Tampa Bay -9.5

The Bucs are coming off their BYE week and Brady is rested and ready to roll. Normally, I love the nine-point home dog, but not with the Washington Football Team.

Chick: Dallas -9

Krieger: Dallas -9

Fontanello: Dallas -9

The Cowboys got one hell of a wake-up call last week getting smacked in the mouth by the Broncos. However, I do not think the Falcons come in and cover. The Cowboys will get back on track and put up a normal 30-40 points like this offense is capable of.

Chick: Jacksonville +10.5

Krieger: Indianapolis -10.5

Fontanello:  Indianapolis -10.5

Last Thursday, the Colts had a big day putting up 45 on the Jets and the Jags shocked everyone by beating the Bills. Although there is no way the Jags have a repeat performance and win again or even make it a game.

Chick: Cleveland +1.5

Krieger: New England -1.5

Fontanello: Cleveland +1.5

The Browns are dealing with COVID and injuries, but you can’t overlook last week’s game. I think that’s a sign of things to come. Even though the Patriots are hot right now this is the game they fall flat.

Chick: Buffalo Bills -12

Krieger: New York Jets +12

Fontanello: New York Jets +12

This is the first time I’ve picked the Jets all year, but Mama there goes that man, Mike F’in White is under center. The Bills haven’t looked good and I can’t keep saying they’ll get it right until they do. Therefore, until they actually wake up I have to take the Jets as a twelve-point home dog is a team I love.

Chick: Tennassee -2.5

Krieger:  Tennassee -2.5

Fontanello: New Orleans +2.5

This may bite me in the ass, but the Titans have to come back down to Earth eventually right? Regardless, I like Sean Payton as an underdog and if the shoe was on the other foot I’d be taking the Titans.

Chick: Detriot +8.5

Krieger:  Detriot +8.5

Fontanello: Detriot +8.5

The Lions aren’t good, but they are scrappy, and I simply do not trust the Steelers to cover big spreads. This is mainly a play against the Steelers’ inability to score consistently.

Pick Em Challenge 4:25 PM Games

Chick: Los Angeles Chargers -3

Krieger:  Los Angeles Chargers -3

Fontanello: Minnesota +3

The Vikings lose close games that’s just their identity and that used to be the Chargers, funny how that works. I’m taking the Vikings because I’m not too sold on the Chargers playing a complete game this week.

Chick: Arizona -10

Krieger:  Arizona -10

Fontanello: Carolina +10

Cam Newton has come home at this time it’s not certain whether we will play this week. I’d say no, he doesn’t, but Kyler Murray still isn’t 100%, which scares me. I’m not too confident in this pick I just don’t know if the Cardinals can cover a spread this big if Murray isn’t 100%.

Chick: Green Bay -3.5

Krieger:  Green Bay -3.5

Fontanello: Seattle +3.5

Russell Wilson makes his return this week as Aaron Rodgers is still a question mark. I’m taking the Seahawks because I’d rather get the three and a half points than potentially end up laying them with Jordan Love.

Chick: Philadelphia +2.5

Krieger: Philadelphia +2.5

Fontanello: Denver -2.5

The Broncos are at home after a big win last week in Dallas and only with this spread within a field goal, I have no problem fading the Eagles. I just don’t trust the Eagles to go into Denver and put up a big fight.

Sunday Night Football

Chick: Las Vegas Raiders +2.5

Krieger:  Las Vegas Raiders +2.5

Fontanello: Las Vegas Raiders +2.5

The Raiders just had a bad week last week in New York that’s really the only way to explain it. They are now home playing their fierce rivals in the Chiefs. The Chiefs have shown me no reason they should be road favorites.

Monday Night Football

Chick: Los Angeles Rams -4

Krieger:  Los Angeles Rams -4

Fontanello: San Francisco +4

The 49ers are a mess and you may say I’m crazy for picking them. Well yes, I am bonkers the public is 80% on the Rams this week and I expect that number to go up even more after the Odell news. Also, it’s a division game and you never know with those. So call me crazy I’m taking the Niners.

The picks are in now let’s have a good Sunday, hopefully.



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