Phillip Lindsay Melvin Gordon
Phillip Lindsay admitted he was ‘upset’ when the Broncos signed Melvin Gordon. How will the Broncos split the backfield duties heading into 2020? (Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Who is going to be the lead back in Denver? Will it be Phillip Lindsay or Melvin Gordon? If it were up to Lindsay, Denver would have never signed Gordon to begin with. Lindsay gave the most honest response possible. He was upset the Broncos signed Melvin Gordon.

Lindsay said this to Broncos legend Terrell Davis on an Instagram Live:

“It caught me off-guard because it was like, ‘Okay, I’ve put in the work and done all this’ and it makes it seem like they don’t respect you enough to know the work you’re putting in,” Lindsay said, via Ryan Koenigsberg of “So I was really upset at the beginning, I’m not going to lie.”

“If you have somebody that can complement me like I did my rookie year where I’m not just running up the middle trying to get first downs all day,” Lindsay said. “I was like, ‘Okay, this takes some pressure off me. Now I can do my job and use my speed do my stuff and stay healthier, too.’”

It would appear that the Broncos will have a new one-two punch. It’s going to be the Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay show. Time will tell who takes the lead. A year ago, Lindsay split time with Royce Freeman. That’s actually a situation to watch. Freeman will make the roster. IF he becomes the goal line vulture (very realistic possibility) this backfield becomes murky in terms of fantasy.

I think Lindsay has a right to be upset here. Colorado kid that came to town as an undrafted free agent and took the league by storm. He’s also in a contract year, albeit, a restricted one. He’s going to make just $750 K this year. Compare that to the deal Gordon got who signed a deal with an average annual value of $8 million this offseason. Is Denver going to pay Lindsay that next year?