Pete Alonso Fransisco Lindor
Pete Alonso calls for Mets to pay Lindor $400 million Simon Bruty / Sports Illustrated / Getty

Contract negotiations have begun between the New York Mets and their newly acquired shortstop. On Tuesday, the Mets offered Fransisco Lindor a 10 year contract for over $325 mil. That offer has since been countered by Lindor, with the star asking for 12 years and around $385 mil. Lindor’s counteroffer comes as no surprise as the Mets’ offer would leave the star shortstop without a contract at the age of 37. The effects of these talks can been seen throughout the media through comments made by owner Steve Cohen, and first basemen Pete Alonso.

In the eyes of Lindor, the idea of longevity and security seem to be his biggest asking price. He has expressed his desire to win a World Series for the Mets but has made it clear with his counteroffer that he would be willing to spend his career in New York. The addition of two extra years in his counteroffer shows that Lindor does not feel confident in receiving a new contract at 37, but would rather play with the Mets until age 39. This would give him the ability to either retire at 39, or locate a smaller contract to finish out his career.

The feeling that Lindor can change the culture for the Mets can even be seen from his fellow teammates. Late Tuesday afternoon, Mets first basemen Pete Alonso was quoted saying, “I hope they pay him $400 million.” After being asked about the impact Lindor brings to the Mets, Alonso stated that he believes Lindor is “worth every penny.”

Going into Opening Day, it is unknown if the Mets will have a contract agreement with Fransisco Lindor. The Mets’ shortstop has previously made it clear that he will not negotiate contracts mid year, allowing himself to focus purely on the season. The road ahead for the New York Mets is a mystery. Can they finalize a deal with Lindor, or will they need to turn to free agency in 2022 for their future star?