Pat McAfee Urban Meyer
Pat McAfee is in a feud with Urban Meyer and losing rather decisively (Gregory Payan/AP)

Pat McAfee and Urban Meyer are in a feud. I should say that McAfee is taking it more personal than Meyer is. ESPN and Fox are in a battle for viewers. Fox Big Noon Kickoff has jumped ESPN College Gameday. A feat that seemed impossible a year ago. Urban Meyer helped them do it.

This is the background of the feud. It started with the former Colts punter jumping into a river.

Meyer took a ricochet shot towards ESPN.

Urban is right… It’s why Fox has eclipsed ESPN College GameDay. It’s way too long and relies on gimmicks like that. Let’s be honest, nobody cares if McAfee jumps in a river. It’s not entertaining in any way shape or form. Instead, Meyer has brought a real educational value to Fox.

Give me that over some idiot jumping in a river. A 5 year old could do that.

Meyer made an appearance at the Redskins – Eagles game. It sparked some rumors that Meyer could have interest in the Redskins job. McAfee tried his best to roast him.

“Urban Meyer took a shot at me out of nowhere when he was doing a very small interview for somebody,” McAfee said. “So I obviously think he’s a bum strictly because of that.”

I don’t hate McAfee. I think he adds a Charles Barkley element to Get Up in a different sort of way. This move is childish. It’s the “oh, I don’t like him cause he doesn’t like me”. That’s pathetic. Meyer is a great coach that would succeed anywhere. If you want to rip him, do it more in a subtle way. Through in a Aaron Hernandez joke or something. Meyer is winning this battle. He’s better or TV, smarter, and hasn’t given McAfee one thought or mentioned him by name. I went into this not wanting to declare a victor, but it’s clearly Urban.

PS: Any person that names a show after their name or brand after their name has serious issues or is a big time loser. “The Pat McAfee show” what a loser.