Kyler Murray Baker Mayfield
Kyler Murray is better than Baker Mayfield and we didn’t even need Sunday to know it. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

When Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray were both at Oklahoma, I thought Murray was the much better player. Murray is the greatest high school quarterback ever. No, I’m not kidding, look it up. Baker Mayfield is a walk on. Both guys won the Heisman Trophy at Oklahoma, but I saw Mayfield as a third or fourth round talent. Kyler Murray had star potential. It was just a matter of whether his height would restrict him from being that. We’ve never seen a quarterback so short become a star but Russell Wilson made you feel confident that Murray had it in him.

This past Sunday, the two played against each other. It was Mayfield vs. Kyler. It was also Mayfield vs. Kliff Kingsbury. Sunday’s game should have just confirmed what you all should have known already. Kyler Murray is way better than Baker Mayfield and it’s not close.

Baker Mayfield has been horrible all season. The Freddie Kitchens excuse only gets you so far. Kingsbury looks more capable than Kitchens but we’re still talking about a rookie head coach who had a losing record as a college coach. Baker Mayfield has Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, Odell Beckham, and Jarvis Landry. Kyler Murray has Kenyan Drake (who Miami didn’t want), Christian Kirk, and washed up Larry Fitzgerald. Kyler Murray made Baker Mayfield look like his butler. Better yet, if his butler had a butler.

Statistically, Murray has been the far superior player despite having less talented weapons around him:

Kyler Murray: 17 TD, 10 INT, 64.7%, 87.5 rating

Baker Mayfield: 17 TD, 17 INT, 60.1%, 78.7 rating

I don’t understand why this wasn’t obvious a year ago. I don’t have to include rushing stats either. That’s a given for Murray. Athletically, they are not close. Murray has a rocket. Mayfield has a decent arm. Murray is a playmaker. Mayfield is a one read guy who struggles to make tight window throws. Kyler Murray has star potential. Mayfield is Gardner Minshew with a tad more upside (which is what I wrote in my senior bowl notes).

We didn’t need to see Sunday to know who is better. Now we REALLY know. The Arizona Cardinals are in great hands today. The Cleveland Browns will be looking for a new quarterback sooner rather than later.