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Daniel Jones

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Overpaying Daniel Jones Can’t Be An Option For The Giants

Daniel Jones
Overpaying Daniel Jones can’t be an option for the Giants. The potential leaked contract numbers are GROSS! (Gail Burton/Associated Press)

Overpaying Daniel Jones Can’t Be An Option For The Giants

We have been leaked some potential contract numbers for Daniel Jones and they’re hashtag gross. Not in a good way. The quarterback market is gross in general but that’s a story for another day.

Connor Hughes of SNY had the following:

“The appropriate figure is believed to be somewhere between $35 and $37 million, two executives familiar with the quarterback market told SNY. Another, whose team is in need of a veteran quarterback and would “explore” Jones if he were available, said he’d have a “hard time” justifying a $40 million figure for him. In the $30 millions? “Sure,” the exec said, “but not above.”

This is not a joke. I repeat. Very much not a joke. A quarterback that has a combined 36 touchdowns the last three years as a full time starting quarterback is commanding upwards of $35 million on the market.

At what point do we acknowledge the QB market is broken? What exactly has Daniel Jones done to deserve that type of money? Get saved by Brian Daboll while having one good playoff performance against the dreadful Minnesota defense? That gets you this type of money?

How is anyone taking this seriously? The Giants have roughly $44.4 million in salary cap space. That’s the third most figure behind Chicago and Atlanta. Why would you blow all of that money on Jones when your team isn’t close to good enough? Even better, if another team thinks Jones deserves that type of money, let them have him. It’s very simple. Franchise tag and trade. Done.

Jones has actually improved in this area since the post. It still doesn’t earn him that type of money.

For the life of me, I can’t understand the rationale of paying Jones this type of money. Show me the number that proves otherwise. It’s the pathway toward mediocrity in the NFL. Jones isn’t a Super Bowl winning quarterback. Time to play quarterback carousel again to try to find that guy. You made your decision when you declined the 5th-year option. There is no going back.

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