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Nobody Actually Cares About The Astros Cheating Scandal, Right?

Nobody actually cares about the Astros cheating scandal, right? (Trask Smith/UPI)

If you’re one of the people crying over the Astros, get a life. Light yourself on fire. I don’t care what you do. All I know is that you’re a loser. Nobody actually truly cares about Astros cheating scandal, right? This sign stealing scandal is the most overblown story happening in baseball and it’s a big reason why baseball continues to decline.

Stealing signs has been a part of baseball forever. It’s been accepted across baseball forever. If someone is tipping pitches and you can take advantage of it, go for it. That’s been part of baseball forever. Recently, the sport has drawn the line at technology for no reason. Tell me, why are we drawing the line at using technology? More and more, the use of technology increases in everything other sport. We have headsets in the quarterback’s ear. We now have replay in the NBA. We should embrace technology for the most part. Imagine going through life taking a shit in a bucket and then plumming gets invented. Then we have the society say “nope, we draw the line at toilets”. It’s stupid. Baseball is the only sport drawing the line at technology. Makes sense coming from a sport that is the only sport in the world that doesn’t have unified rules.

Let’s be honest about something. Did anybody care that people were taking steroids? The only real problem with PED’s is a player’s long term health. That’s the only real reason to be anti steroids. Raise your hand if Barry Bonds’ long term health ever crossed your mind… thought so. Instead, baseball went on this witch hunt for no reason. Want to crack down on steroids? Fine, give the player a 10-20 game suspension and keep it moving. Instead, baseball went on a witch hunt and damaged the sport. Baseball hasn’t been the same since Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGuire were crushing home runs. They saved the sport. Instead, they’re treated like criminals. It’s outrageous.

Aroldis Chapman got a slap on the wrist for firing a gun around his girlfriend. Roberto Osuna got hit with a small suspension for domestic violence. How about we start caring more about that? Instead, we have baseball losing their minds over stealing signs. Isn’t that a problem? What about this? Baseball juiced the balls this year and created a inauthentic baseball. You’re telling me altering the sport is worse than having athletes perform 10-15 percent better with PED’s? Stop it.

C’mon now. I would call it more than likely that the Astros tattled on themselves. Look at me, look over here, we’re stealing signs. Meanwhile, they have black magic shit going on. They resurrected Justin Verlander. Gerrit Cole turned into a monster. Stealing signs is just the surface of it.

Who cares at the end of the day? The Nationals won the World Series. The Red Sox beat them the year before. Houston won in 2017. It’s not like they dominated. They performed up to expectations really with the loaded roster that they have. Houston’s roster is loaded. They’re winning regardless of whether they’re stealing signs. Every team is stealing signs. The Astros are just the ones that took the bullet. Get over it. Cry a river about something else.


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