Nikola Jokic
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Here we go

Alright, I am going to try and write this without my inner Nuggets fan coming out too much. There has been a lot of talk on this website about who is MVP. Is it James Harden? Ryan thinks so. Chris Paul? Trey thinks so. Both very cute ideas. At least, Paul is. There is no way James Harden is MVP, sorry about it. The clear answer here is that Nikola Jokic is most deserving of the MVP nod this year.

I won’t waste time getting into why neither guy isn’t MVP. Alex already explained above why Harden isn’t and let’s be honest, Chris Paul is going to pull a Steve Nash circa 2006 and steal the award from a much more deserving player. Paul has helped turn the Phoenix Suns around into…well no longer a laughing stock. But Nikola Jokic is by and large more deserving. Let me break this down for you.


In theory, this should be the end of the argument right here. The award, after all, is most VALUABLE player. THIS GUY IS LEADING HIS TEAM IN EVERY STATISTICAL CATEGORY. How on earth is he not MVP? His 8.5 assists would be second-most ALL-TIME for a center in NBA history. His 27.1 ppg is good enough for 7th in the league, most for centers. Jokic’s 1.6 steals is 6th best in the NBA. HE IS A CENTER. Assists? 6th. AGAIN HE PLAYS CENTER. Rebounds? 8th. 3pt percent? Towards the top of the league for qualifying players.

This shouldn’t take much explaining, should it? I feel this is quite simple.

Come on y’all. We are so much better than this. But I know why Nikola Jokic isn’t getting the national media love and the love from the writers here at Vendetta. It is because he plays in such a small market. That will forever be the downfall of playing in a city like Denver which isn’t known for having long-term success as a franchise. If Jokic was playing for LA or Philadelphia or oh god imagine him as a Knick. Everyone and their mother would be screaming from the mountain tops for Nikola Jokic to win MVP. But don’t worry, I got y’all covered. *clears throat*

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