Chris Paul
Chris Paul should win the 2021 MVP Award. When it comes to most valuable, it’s tough to argue against the season CP3 is having. (Alex Goodlett)

Chris Paul Should Win The 2021 NBA MVP Award

There’s been a big debate on the site about who should win the MVP Award. James Harden is playing out of his mind and is very much entrenched in the conversation. The only thing that is clear is that there is no clear answer to who should win the award.

I’m going to make my argument for Chris Paul to win the 2021 NBA MVP Award. Paul might not receive a single vote for the award and that’s okay. However, when we really boil the award down to its definition: (The Most VALUABLE Player) CP3 should be among those considered.

Think about what’s happening right now. The Phoenix Suns are the two seed in the West. Does anybody realize how remarkable that is? This is the same franchise that hasn’t made the postseason since 2010. Phoenix has no storied history. The best moment in franchise history is when their mascot dunked the Bull in the Last Dance.

Chris Paul has changed the temperature in the room. A joke franchise with no future in danger of losing Devin Booker turned the tide overnight. Phoenix is now legit contenders in the West and none of it happens without Paul. His presence alone has legitimized them.

Paul’s pure numbers aren’t eye jarring. CP3 is averaging 16 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 8.5 assists per game. His shooting numbers are more than respectable sitting at 48.1% from the field and 36.4% from 3. He’s always been a lights out free throw shooter as well.

Of course, Paul’s impact doesn’t come with just numbers. He’s a great leader and makes those around him better. Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan have never been the same without him. We’re getting the best Deandre Ayton yet who’s shooting over 60% from the floor. Mikal Bridges has exploded. Cameron Johnson is getting better too. Paul deserves credit for having this young group succeed.

Does Phoenix make the playoffs without CP3? I don’t think so. Devin Booker is great but I’ve seen what the Suns look like with the Booker one man show. It’s tough to watch and it involves a lot of losing. How do we not consider CP3 for the MVP based on that alone?

Giving the MVP award to Paul would be a great way to honor his career. Forever underrated and never won the way that he should have. He carried the lob city Clippers to heights they should have never gotten. The Harden – CP3 Rockets were on the verge of taking down the dynasty Warriors. Imagine how we look at Paul’s career with that ring? The Thunder made the playoffs last year! An MVP award would look great on his resume.

All of the MVP candidates have flaws. Nikola Jokic is fantastic but Denver is a 6 seed in the West. LeBron, Durant, and Embiid have all gone down with injuries. Should we really forget about Harden’s antics in Houston earlier in the season? Rudy Gobert is cool but really… There’s only one right answer here. CP3 for MVP.

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