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How The Fuck Is James Harden The Most VALUABLE Player In The NBA?

James Harden

(Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

James Harden
(Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

How The Fuck Is James Harden The Most VALUABLE Player In The NBA?

I’m so fucking tired of this. James Harden is not an MVP candidate. No one from the Nets should be. The award for MVP is literally the Most Valuable Player award. James Harden is not the most valuable player in the league to his team. He’s just not. You don’t have a team of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and be in the running for the MVP award. Shit absolutely makes no sense whatsoever to me. After reading Dacota Haynes’ article and now Ryan’s article about James Harden, I had to chime into this, as a James Harden hater and MVP enthusiast.

Everyone knows me that I can’t stand James Harden or his stupid ass fans. Harden has been balling out this year though with the Brooklyn Nets. He averages 26 PPG on 44% shooting, 11.4 APG, and about 9 RPG. Now, let’s add some context, he’s playing with probably one of the best scoring duos of all-time with KD and Kyrie, of course, his assist numbers will be high.

I just honestly don’t understand the argument for MVP. The MVP conversation has been misconstrued as the Best Season Award. If you want to make an argument for that, I am all for it. It is honestly an award the NBA should implement because too many stupid ass people are getting this wrong. MVP should go to a player that is on a team with some too little talent and their team is still doing really well.

A guy like that for me is Nikola Jokic. Although Jokic plays with Jamal Murray, Murray is nowhere the status of KD or Kyrie. Giannis has a solid case again. Hell, I consider Dame Lillard over James Harden for MVP.

Harden doesn’t even need to be in the top ten for this award. He’s not valuable to his team. If he has a bad night, wow, I fucking hope KEVIN DURANT AND KYRIE IRVING CAN PICK UP THE SLACK. Yes, I am aware KD is out with an injury. What happens when he comes back? Is Harden still the MOST valuable guy? Kyrie has also been in and out with injuries. Does that not matter either?

Also, are we just going to ignore the Houston Rockets stint this year? That has to be included in Harden’s fraudulent MVP campaign. I guess my whole thing on this is if you think James Harden should be the MVP, please look up the fucking definition of valuable and then put most in front of it. James Harden is not that guy, the Harden stans can come for me, I don’t care. My Twitter is @DADDCH1CK. I promise you though, I don’t converse with stupid people though.




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