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NickMercs: Popular Streamer Lands Deal With Under Armour

Twitch icon and FaZe Clan member NickMercs has struck a deal with Under Armour. He is one of the most popular streamers and in my mind is the most entertaining steamer in the video game world. Under Armour is one of the many brand deals Nick has struck including G-Fuel and Scuff Controllers. Nick made the announcement on his Twitch channel and then took to Twitter to break the news.

via @NICKMERCS on Twitter

The deal with Under Armour is huge for Nick and his community, “MFAM”. Considering Nick plays host to one of the largest and most loyal communities on Twitch, this deal could not be more mutually beneficial for both parties. Nick brings a sizeable audience with him no matter which game he is playing, and I expect him to have similar results with Under Armour.

Like many other streamers, Nick took off by playing Fortnite. TimTheTatMan, Sypher PK, Cloakzy, and Nick gained a massive following from the popular battle royale game. While most streamers rely on their game skills to gain popularity, Nick has a unique combination of skill and humor that keeps viewers coming back – he is truly one of the more relatable personalities on Twitch.

Nick’s popularity took a huge jump when Call of Duty Warzone was released. On an average stream during the COVID-19 quarantine, he was getting 60,000 plus viewers on a consistent basis. Nick became one of the best Warzone streamers to watch, but he has switched to Apex Legends as Warzone has suffered from serious issues with hackers. Wherever the guy goes and whatever he plays, his community will follow him.

I have nothing but respect for Nick and wish him the best going forward. The guy is a legend.

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