Nick Nurse Jayson Tatum
Nick Nurse is crying that Jayson Tatum is getting star treatment with too many trips to the free throw line. Does he have a point or is he just bitter? (The Canadian Press Image)

Send the baby dinosaurs home, the series is over. The Raptors defended their title with pride but they know the run is over. Head coach Nick Nurse knows the ride is over too. He has gone that crying about the refs route after the Raptors lost game two. He says Jayson Tatum got star treatment because he got foul calls.

“The only frustrating part about it is this: He shoots 14 free throws, which is as much as our whole team shoots,” the Raptors head coach told reporters. “That’s the frustrating part. I think our guys were working hard on him and we were doing a pretty good job. He did make some good shots.

“They were obviously getting him the ball a lot, getting him in space. We could’ve helped a little bit better here and there. But they (did) take very good care of him tonight.”

Tatum dropped 34 points during Celtics 102-99 win over Toronto. Tatum went to the line 14 times. The Raptors as a team had 19 attempts. Look, most people know I’m a Boston homer but 14 free throws isn’t a crazy number. Ever watch a James Harden game? Now that’s over the top. Tatum is a crafty scorer. He got hacked on more than one occasion. I’m all for letting the boys play but it’s not like Tatum was getting bs trips to the line.

When’s Toronto’s flight? Nick Nurse is crying because he doesn’t have anyone on his team close to Jayson Tatum. Kyle Lowry is laughing cause he knows it’s over. Get their plane tickets ready now.