Kyle Lowry Marcus Smart
Kyle Lowry still doesn’t know about Marcus Smart. He’s been doing a lot of box score scouting and didn’t know what was coming. (Ashley Landis / AP Photo)

Kyle Lowry has been doing a lot of box score studying on Marcus Smart. What he soon found out is that Smart is a stone cold killer that will slice and dice you on each end of the court. Kyle Lowry didn’t know about it. The crazy part is he still doesn’t know about it.

Lowry was asked about Toronto’s game two loss and he giggled at Smart hitting those 3’s in the 4th quarter.

“I mean, Marcus Smart made five straight threes,” Lowry responded with a laugh. “That was one that was just — it’s tough, it’s tough to give up five threes.”

Lowry been checking the box score too often. Smart is a career 31.8 percent 3-point shooter but he’s gotten significantly better over the last two years. Smart went from not being able to hit anything to a pretty competent shooter. Smart hit 5 3’s in the 4th quarter of Game 2. Only 5 players have done that. Smart joins Jamal Murray (twice), Stephen Curry (twice), Klay Thompson and Tim Thomas on that list.

Kyle Lowry doesn’t know about Marcus Smart yet. He thinks it’s a fluke. Just wait until he steals his lunch money. That’s coming. #DPOTY. Send the baby dinosaurs home now. Toronto defended their title with pride but they can’t hang with Boston. It’s over. Book their plane tickets now.

Kyle Lowry, for the record, has been anything but productive this postseason against Boston. In game one he shot .417 percent with 5 turnovers. In game two, Lowry shot .313. Instead of laughing at Smart, he should be worried about playing better. We stan for Fred VanVleet, not the flopper Kyle Lowry.