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Nick Foles: What Should The Bears Do With Him?

Nick Foles
(Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

What Should The Bears Do With Nick Foles In 2021?

Clearly, the experiment failed. Bringing in Nick Foles was an utter disaster, with the result being an inaccurate statue behind center. I don’t want to hear it about the offensive line or his Super Bowl heroics. The fact of the matter is that he was simply awful. After trading up to draft Justin Fields and signing Andy Dalton in the offseason, Nick Foles now finds himself third on the depth chart in Chicago.

Find Potential Trade Partners

NFL teams can always use solid backup QBs in the event of an injury. Let’s break down some potential trade partners.

Team #1: Denver Broncos

So this one might confuse some people but I think the Broncos would be the best possible landing spot for Nick Foles. The Broncos’ current QBs are Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater, currently in a competition for the starting spot. So Nick Foles could step in right away and potentially compete for a starting role. This is the best-case scenario for both the Bears and the Broncos. For the Bears, they free up a roster spot and unload his salary (while getting a potential draft pick). For the Broncos, they get another QB to add to the competition, which means the race to start becomes even tougher and brings out the best in whoever starts.

Team #2: New York Jets

This is another great landing spot for Foles. The Jets are fresh off of an impressive draft where they drafted Zach Wilson with the 2nd pick. But the Jets don’t have a capable backup, and Nick Foles could fill that role perfectly. He can also be a great mentor for rookie Zach Wilson. So, certainly for the Jets, trading a late-round pick for Foles wouldn’t be a bad idea, as the Bears can net a pick and the Jets fill a positional need.

Team #3: New England Patriots

This would the least ideal landing spot for Nick Foles. New England already drafted Mac Jones in the first round of the draft. But this partner hinges on Cam Newton and his performance in 2021. If Cam Newton performs well enough to keep his starting job throughout the season then the Patriots will likely resign him. But if he underwhelms again, then the Patriots will need a viable backup QB. Enter Nick Foles. So while this is not a likely scenario, given Cam Newton’s inconsistency, the window is always open.

Cut Him From The 2021 Roster

This move makes little sense for the Chicago Bears, because of the phenomenon that is Nick Foles’s contract. Since it would cost more to cut him than to keep him, the Bears’ only motive for cutting ties with Nick Foles will be to free up a roster spot. While this is a path the Bears may take, this is unlikely, as the Bears may as well keep him as an additional mentor to Justin Fields.

Keep Him On The Roster

This is the most likely possibility for the future. Due to Nick Foles’s contract, releasing him isn’t worth it since it will only cost the organization more money. Trading him will be a tough task given the few number of teams that need a backup QB, and would also be willing to trade a late-round pick for one. So Nick Foles will most likely remain with the Bears, but that isn’t horrible. Foles can serve as an additional mentor to Fields, and after all, be the best 3rd string QB in the NFL.

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