Bears' Offense
(Kelvin Kuo/Associated Press)

The Chicago Bears offense has regressed since Nick Foles got the starting job. When Foles came in for Mitchell Trubisky and led a comeback against the Falcons, it seemed Foles was the right guy for the job.

The Bears’ Offense is Anemic, and Foles Isn’t Making it any Better

That high and mighty offense only lasted one game against an Atlanta Falcons team that has become the definition of choking games. Foles and the offense have averaged 263 yards per game in his starts. At the same time, Trubisky’s offense was never held under 300 yards. Foles not only just isn’t moving the ball like Trubisky was. But Foles also has a lower Quarter Back Rating (QBR).

There is also the problem that head coach Matt Nagy’s play-calling is terrible. The Bears’ offensive line has been less than ideal and with Foles having bricks for feet. Foles is getting sacked or pressured almost all the time. The offense has been abysmal.

Trubisky may be Better Suited to Lead the Bears Offense

Trubisky at least had escapability and could make something happen with his legs. However, Foles has the job right now. But if Nagy doesn’t adjust his play calling to fit who he has on the field, this offense will always be anemic.

The Bears have weapons in Allen Robinson and Anthony Miller; they need to get them the ball. Take note that Foles has questioned the play-calling from Nagy.

During the game, Monday night against the Los Angeles Rams, Brian Griese, ESPN’s play by play commentator, relayed an interesting exchange he had with Foles during a production meeting Sunday.

“We were talking to Nick Foles yesterday, and he (Foles) said, ‘You know, sometimes play calls come in and I know that I don’t have time to execute that play call.’ So that’s something that they have to get worked out.”

Griese said

That is alarming coming from the starting quarterback. Could it be Trubisky was never at fault? Could Nagy be the real problem? Nagy, Foles, and Trubisky need to get this straightened out if they will go on a playoff run.