Derek Carr
(John Rieger/USA TODAY Sports)

According to former NFL scout John Middlekauff multiple executives preferred Derek Carr over 49ers quarterback Colin Kapernick. Both players were taken with the 36th overall pick except 3 years apart.

As this may come to a shock to some, I’m going to have to agree. Their stats are relatively similar even with Carr being a rookie. Despite the Oakland Raiders being 2-11 all five executives Middlekauff spoke to were all in favor of Carr.

The 49ers have every advantage when it comes to surrounding talent including coach Jim Harbaugh who may have the biggest impact on Kaepernick. With Harbaugh on the way out after a 43-17 record Jim may have the chance to coach Carr in the future with the Raiders who certainly will be interested in him.

It’s safe to say we really don’t know how Kaepernick would perform in Oakland but I wouldn’t like his chances. Is it really outlandish to say Carr could be really productive in San Fran with Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin and a very extraordinary coaching staff? Probably not.

QB            Yards   TD   INT       Comp. %

Kapernick   2,736     15       8        61.2 percent
Carr               2,422    14       11       59.3 percent

via: CBS Sports