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2018 NFL Draft Day Trades Possibilities

NFL Draft
We are going to try and identify possible trades that could happen on draft day that would shake up the 2018 NFL Draft. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

2018 NFL Draft Day Trades

Every year there are unexpected first-round trades during the draft such as The Bears trading for Mitchell Trubisky, Kansas City trading for Patrick Mahomes, and San Fransisco trading for Reuben Foster. We are going to try and identify possible trades that could happen on Thursday that have the impact to shake up the entire draft.

Arizona Cardinals Trade(Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports)

Arizona Cardinals

Picks 15, 47, 79, 143

The Arizona Cardinals are a team that finds themselves in a peculiar situation. They don’t have a lot of draft capital but do have a major need at quarterback. Sam Bradford has proven that he is an above average starter when healthy, but can’t stay on the field. Steve Wilks might want to trade up to get his own guy if an opportunity presents itself. It might involve giving up some current players, picks in this years draft, and next years. So if this trade happens it’s because they believe that they have found their guy in the draft. Look for them to try and trade up with Indy if possible.

Chance a trade happens 10%

Tries to trade up to number 6 and draft a QB.

Baltimore Ravens

Picks 16, 52, 83, 114, 145, 176, 212

The Ravens are in a very peculiar situation. They could sit where they are and draft a potential starter, or they could move up a few spots and draft an impact player. No one really knows how the Ravens organization really feels about Joe Flacco. It would not be a shock if they traded up to get his replacement, but they also went 9-7 last season. Another possibility is that they trade up to get a game changer to help them get back into the playoffs. With a lot of defensive talent that could go high in this year’s draft, they could look to bolster the defensive side of the ball or the O-line.

Chance a trade happens 15%

Tries to trade up to number 6 and draft a QB or number 9 and draft an offensive lineman. 


Miami Dolphins

Picks 11, 42, 73, 119, 127, 201, 203

Right now the Dolphins are sitting at the number 11 spot with the ability to move up. The Jury is still out on Ryan Tannehill and Adam Gase may want to get his own guy. Thankfully trading up from 11 to 4 with the Browns or 6 with the Colts, isn’t as difficult as moving up from pick 20 or 30. There has been a lot of buzz around the Dolphins organization being interested in Baker Mayfield so if he slips by the Jets at number 3 then look for the Dolphins to try and make a move up the board to get their guy.

Chance a trade happens 20%

Tries to trade up to number 6 and draft a QB.

New England Patriots Trade(Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports)

New England Patriots

Picks 23, 31, 43, 63, 95, 150, 193

This is only the third time in the past six seasons that the Patriots have had a first-round pick and the first time ever Bill Belichick has ever had four picks in the first two rounds. I know Tom Brady says he’s going to play until he’s 583 years old but this might be the best year for the Patriots to get his replacement. With six quarterbacks that could go in the first round and the most draft capital, Belichick has ever had, you could see a trade up into the top 5. Possibly even as high as number 2 if Bill likes a guy enough, like Josh Rosen?

Chance a trade happens 25%

Tries to trade up to number 2 and draft a QB.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Picks 29, 61, 93, 125, 189, 204, 221

The Jaguars are a team that is already in Super Bowl contention. With a historically great defense and some key pieces on offense now is the time to make a push in a week AFC. The Jags fell only 4 points shy of dethroning the Patriots with one of the worst quarterbacks in football. They have enough picks over the next two years to make a trade up into the top 15 and get someone like Lamar Jackson. Adding a playmaker that can make others better could be the final piece to the puzzle.

Chance a trade happens 45%

Tries to trade up to number 14 and draft a QB.

Buffalo Bills Trade(Jason Getz/USA TODAY Sports)

Buffalo Bills

Picks 12, 22, 53, 56, 65, 96, 117, 157, 173

With more picks than any other team in the first three rounds, the Buffalo Bills are primed to make a move up in the draft. The Bills are fresh off a playoff birth and no longer have the quarterback that got them there. So common sense tells us that this is where they get their guy. A.J. Mccarron isn’t a starting quarterback in the NFL either, he couldn’t even beat out Andy Dalton. This is the moment that the Bills Mafia has been waiting for since the departure of Jim Kelly and it’s finally going to happen.

Chance a trade happens 98.5%

Tries to trade up to number 2 and draft a QB.

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