Vendetta Sports Media Drama
It seems like I pissed them off. Especially Bryan. We have a Vendetta Sports Media Drama brewing. A re-enactment of his head exploding after reading my original piece. Credit: Sophie Sargent/Vendetta Sports Media

Last year I called out Trey for his awful taste in music and in particular his love of Taylor Swift. It’s probably not the brightest idea you’d think to make fun of the boss, but I was told healthy debate was welcomed at Vendetta Sports Media. Trey found the funny side, we hosted a vote on Twitter and ultimately I won. No backlash, no ‘making the list’, no Vendetta Sports Media Drama, and no ‘dead to me’ comments.

Fast Forward

So fast forward to 2021 and I called out some other folks, except they don’t have a sense of humor like the boss-man. Some might say the topics are a little different but not for people who take their music seriously like myself. Now I find myself with a 40-minute podcast dedicated to just how “Sad” and “Stupid” I am for wanting the jersey retirement of a pioneer like Willie O’Ree covered. Now we have Vendetta Sports Media Drama.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t going to respond but I have time since I’m never gonna be on their podcast (Bryan’s words not mine) so thought why not. I don’t have beef with many people. Most people who know me tend to like me, but my “Keyboard warrior” ways rubbed Bryan and Jackson the wrong way. It is what it is. 

Given that the object of my beef isn’t as well known as Charlotte Flair it looks like I’ve still got a ways to go to catch up with Max. Have you read what’s going on there? Best thing to happen to pro wrestling in years! Still, it’s flattering that they took the time to respond… I guess. 

Sour Grapes in Vendetta Sports Media Drama?

My piece was just sour grapes according to Bryan because he called people out at the end of last year, yet I believe I said he was right. I just believe he set the standard and should follow what he set. Nothing wrong with that don’t you think!?! 

Also, Brian (purposely spelling your name wrong you’ll have to listen to their episode to understand) seems to think I’m measuring one person against a whole league. That point went over his head worse than a Ben Roethlisberger throw against the Browns. For clarification, I’m not. I AM however comparing news stories and news cycles.

The negro league acceptance by MLB was rightly one of the biggest stories of the time if not the year. I believed the Willie O’Ree jersey retirement was also a big news story. Bigger than the Browns humiliating the Steelers. Yet it took me calling out the Tannimals for it to even get mentioned on our second-best podcast (Chad’s words not mine).

I am aware I covered the Willie O’Ree story, so why bang on about it. Well, we also covered the fraudulent Pittsburgh Steelers at will yet they were talked about ad nauseam on the show. Also aren’t we suppose to be the Alternative to ESPN, Jackson? Just because it’s not on their Twitter page we shouldn’t bother with it?


Hello Trey? It’s Gavin. We need to change the site name to ESPNlite. Why? Because apparently if it’s not on ESPN’s Twitter feed it’s not worth talking about. C’mon, guys broaden your horizons just a tad bit.

I am glad one thing came out of this though. Both Jackson and Bryon (I’ll be honest I want to see how many of these I can get in) admitted they don’t follow hockey religiously. And that’s fine. I don’t follow every sport religiously either, but I also don’t host a SPORTS show. Renaming to the Tanndemonium NFL, MLB, and NBA Show is on the way although it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well.

They also missed the point by ranting about this when I pointed out they had options available to talk about this topic. Their lack of knowledge on the subject shouldn’t have stopped them inviting Andrew McGuinness on and learning a thing or two. According to Bryannas (this is fun) they’re not in the business of bringing people on that they may learn from though, kinda like a dictatorship. We only want you to hear our drivel… AND DAMMIT YOU BETTER LIKE IT!

“We don’t care about anyone but ourselves” seems to be the gist of things over on the Tanndemonium Show. Fine I guess, it’s just not my way of thinking or working. I want to see every person at Vendetta succeed because at the end of the day that’s a testament to the work we do here.

A renaming on the way???

As for renaming the site… I’m sure it’s something Trey has already thought about. Especially considering the fact we have covered TV, Film, Music, and gaming within the last year. He’s a smart guy and not limiting himself and why should we? 

So apparently I wanted to get known on Brion‘s name. That was the reason behind my article. The only thing is I had NO IDEA who he even was until he joined Vendetta. If I’m going to try get known I’m calling out Roman Reigns ala Max and Charlotte. Or someone with an actual brand… no offense Bryan.

Unlike Brien (last time I promise) I won’t resort to name-calling like “Stupid” or “Sad” just some of the shots fired at me during the 40-minute episode. I find that all very juvenile and will remain professional, something Bryan said he was doing at one point while throwing insulting names at a colleague. (Where’s that HR department, Trey?) Ultimately I got what I wanted, which was Willie O’Ree discussed on our platform here at Vendetta. I would have preferred 40 minutes on him though and not me. 

Do better guys. Do better! (Also if you could send me some links for slap-boxing that sounds fun as hell)