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Chris Sununu

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu Thinks The Red Sox Should Fire Alex Cora

Chris Sununu
New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu thinks the Red Sox should fire Alex Cora. I’m not even joking. This is serious. He said that.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu Thinks The Red Sox Should Fire Alex Cora

I hate opening paragraphs and I wasn’t 100% sure how to start this blog. I thought about saying when politicians tell athletes to stay in their lane, maybe they should think about doing the same but we won’t go there. This is just one individual who needs to be called out for being one of the great idiots of current-day human society. Chris Sununu just exposed himself as that man. Yes, he is the New Hampshire Governor.

I won’t go any further before I just get to the actual point and show you what he said. Sununu made an appearance on WEEI radio in Boston:

“I think it starts at the top. I think Cora’s got to go. I do,” said Sununu. “I personally just don’t like the way he’s using pitchers. There’s no motivation on that team. There’s a morale problem on that team. If you have a morale problem, you’ve got to start the top. You just do. If you get that energy, that fire, you get things working in the right direction, you can actually get ownership to start maybe not spending 23 hours per day paying attention to Liverpool. Let’s maybe start paying more attention to Boston. This is the real core of the John Henry product. And start getting them to make the invests that have to be made here.”

Imagine being an elected public official and actually announcing to the media that you think Alex Cora should be fired? It’s so unbelievable I’m not sure you can make it up. I honestly have no idea which party Sununu represents. I so don’t care enough to find out so I won’t even look it up to keep it as unbiased as possible. Whoever runs against him in the next election has to run those quotes at every campaign rally. You have to turn it into some sort of motto.

Think about how bad this is. Take a walk with me. Alex Cora was hired by the Red Sox in 2018. They immediately won the World Series largely because of his hire and approach. They went on to have a winning record the following year despite suffering from going all in the year prior and being gassed by the 2018 run. Cora was fired because of nonsense that Rob Manfred made up. The year without him they had the 4th pick in the draft. They sucked so bad they rehired him the second they could and just came off a year where they were two games away from going to the World Series.

Does that sound like a man that should be fired to you? Does common sense and wisdom even for a second question if that guy is doing his job? Sununu someone came to that conclusion today and it’s bullshit. If you’re a member of the Boston sports media and you’re not backing Alex Cora today you’re just as big of a problem as the people you’re complaining about in the Red Sox front office.

Alex Cora is awesome and if you don’t see that you need new eyeballs. He’s also the first Puerto Rican manager in the history of baseball so the optics on saying they should fire that guy after all he’s done is won doesn’t look great either. Keep in mind we’re not too far removed from LeBron calling the city of Boston racist despite the fact that he has ownership stock in the Red Sox. Ridiculous that happened on MULTI layers on both sides… I can’t believe nobody came out and said anything about it afterward… but that’s a story for another day.

I hope Chris Sununu’s wife gives him an ass chewing if he has one. He deserves it. You know why the Red Sox are playing .500 baseball? The front office built a flawed roster and quite literally gave away games for no reason. If you watched the team you would know that.

I present for the courtroom exhibit A for the jury to see. There will be no more further evidence needed, trust me. These are the cards Alex Cora has been dealt.

The truth of the matter is the Red Sox trouted out an everyday club that didn’t have a Major League first baseman and that should be considered a crime for a big league club. The Red Sox traded for Eric Hosmer at the MLB Trade Deadline. In fact, it’s the only move they made. The problem is they traded for him four months too late. Does anybody have any idea how many baseball games they gave away because they decided to not pay the extra bit to keep Kyle Schwarber?

Schwarber has 33 home runs right now which leads the National League. He was willing to accept a reasonable three year deal worth $60 million. Boston said no thanks and he signed with Philadelphia for more. It’s something I got pissed off at the time and of course, the Red Sox didn’t listen to me.

This is what the Red Sox did instead. Travis Shaw made the Opening Day roster and proceeded to go 0-19 before being released. Franchy Cordero was brought up instead. These are his stats in July.

Don’t worry. The other first baseman is Bobby Dalbec. Also worry, he totally sucks.

They got Eric Hosmer for free. Seriously, the Padres are paying for him. They could have done that trade any time they wanted to. I’m not saying Hosmer is a superstar but he can catch a fly ball. That alone makes him a MASSIVE upgrade. It cost them wins and they know it.

Don’t put this on Alex Cora. That guy knows more about baseball than anything that guy has ever mastered. It’s a travesty the Greg Hill Show allowed Chris Sununu to speak on the air and didn’t immediately blast him. Add it to the ever growing list of further proof the sports media field needs to be burned to the ground. Alex Cora deserved better today and I hope he knows the logical people that support the team feel the way I do.


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