Kyle Schwarber
The Red Sox need to retain Kyle Schwarber at all costs. When the lockout ends, re-signing Schwarber is job number one. (Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports)

The Red Sox Need To Retain Kyle Schwarber At All Costs

C’mon SCHWAHHHHBAHHH hit a HOMEEEEEEEHHHHH. That’s what I scream anyway when I watch Kyle Schwarber. To be honest; he’s always felt like a Red Sox even when he was playing for Chicago. Tough, Gritty, Lefty, Powerful screams Red Sox and Schwarber.

There is only one certainty to the rest of the 2021-22 MLB offseason. Kyle Schwarber must be retained at all costs. Nothing else really matters.

Boston did a lot to improve its pitching staff. Michael Wacha, Rich Hill, and James Paxton already. They also did a lot to weaken their offense. Right before the lockout buzzer, Chaim Bloom decided to trade Hunter Renfroe to Milwaukee. In return, they got maybe the worst offensive player in the sport in 2021. Paul Revere continues to scream into the night; A bat is coming, a bat is coming.

Schwarber was a perfect fit the second he suited up for the Red Sox midseason in 2021. In 41 games for Boston, Schwarber hit .291/.435/.522 with 7 bombs and an OPS+ of 154. The guy couldn’t have been hotter. This wasn’t just a flash in the pan. It was a perfect fit where a ballpark and city accentuated what Kyle Schwarber really was.

There has been some discussion that Seiya Suzuki is a strong consideration for Boston. There is stiff competition but signing Suzuki would probably close the door on Schwarber returning. I just think that would be such a mistake. It’s not like Schwarber is asking for an arm and a leg to stay either.

It has been reported that Schwarber wants a three year contract worth $60 million and probably would take a hometown discount to stay with Boston if the offers are close. Schwarber has ties to the Boston area and all indications are that he would prefer to stay with the Sox. Would you rather give that contract to Schwarber or pay a higher price for Suzuki who is frankly an unknown commodity. There is always massive bust potential with Suzuki. You know what you’re getting with Schwarber. A big bat that consistently gets on base.

The plan for Boston should be simple. JD Martinez is in the final year of his contract after flirting to opt-out five years in a row. Schwarber takes reps at first base, DH, and the occasional home left field start in front of the monster. Next year, Martinez walks (hopefully with a QO attached to collect a draft pick) and Triston Casas takes over the first base job full time. This will probably be the case by midseason in 2022 anyway.

Schwarber doesn’t close any doors. He brings back a bat the team already had (and desperately needs). It doesn’t prevent Boston from exploring the infield market. Bobby Dalbec should probably be a trade piece given the Casas monster that’s coming anyway. Schwarber also helps keep this lineup left-handed which is a plus.

I don’t think there is any question. Move number one when the lockout ends needs to be getting Schwarber back in a Red Sox uniform. Oh, and that extension for Rafael Devers would be nice too. The Carlos Correa thing would be a nice bonus, but Schwarber is a neccessity.