Best Ball
Nobody likes setting a lineup. Can we all just start to embrace best ball as the most common form of fantasy football?

Setting a lineup sucks. Nobody enjoys it. The person that disagrees is the same one that says they enjoy eating Thanksgiving dinner with their elder relatives with questionable ideologies. It’s time to evolve and embrace the best ball for all fantasy leagues.

You can play the matchups all you want. Nobody can predict when a player will go off. It’s just a fact. A perfect example is DeSean Jackson. Some weeks he has two touchdowns. Other weeks he gets hurt in the first quarter and finishes with nine yards. How do you know when to start that guy?

As a fantasy player, I should be rewarded for having a deep team. If the Cardinals get two touchdowns out of Andy Isabella, they count. Could you imagine if a ref took the points off the board cause Isabella wasn’t listed in the starting lineup? Do we see how ridiculous that is?

I want every player on my roster to mean something. Especially given the status of the league with COVID, knowing when to start someone is increasingly difficult.

I want to root for every player on my roster. Not get pissed off when Mike Williams has 26 points, and he’s on my bench. There are hundreds of players in fantasy you never know when to start. I should still be rewarded for having them on my team.

Let’s all start to embrace the best ball a little more. There’s nothing wrong with it. Like there’s nothing wrong with admitting dinner at Thanksgiving with your stubborn relatives sucks. There’s no reason to set a lineup just because that’s what you have always done.