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NBA Players opportunity to stand out

The NBA stands out compared to the other two major sports in the United States. Unlike the NFL and MLB, the NBA prides itself on allowing its players to express themselves on and off the court. The main difference being Players in the NBA aren’t restricted by crazy wardrobe rules like in the MLB And their heads aren’t covered by helmets throughout the duration of the game like in the NFL. Which for certain player’s allows them to market themselves through their personality and fashion taste. These three players have taken advantage of the individualism that makes the NBA so entertaining.

NBA guard Chris Paul

Starting off with Chris Paul, President of the NBPA, and one of the greatest point guards the game of basketball has seen. Used his influence and style this past year to send a message on and off the court. Already having his own sneaker the Jordan CP3.XIII, he chose to add a twist to the colorways repping multiple historically black colleges and universities. All of his outfits on and off the court were extremely stylish and detailed for each school. But Paul had a message he wanted to get across along with the dope shoes and outfits. Stating that he wanted to “Not only support Black designers and local designers but also amplify these universities that would not normally get the shine that they do now on the NBA stage.” he said in a GQ article.

NBA forward PJ Tucker

This list would be incomplete if PJ Tucker wasn’t mentioned, the Houston Rockets forward is known for likely having the biggest sneaker collection in the NBA. He once wore six pairs of sneakers in one game and carries enough shoes on road trips that it would supply a whole team. PJ tuckers closet is a sneaker head’s heaven and every night you never know what heat he’s gonna unveil.

NBA Guard Russell Westbrook

Finally, Russell Westbrook is known for his emphatic and energetic play on the court filled with intensity also brings that same energy off the court as it pertains to his style. Constantly going viral for his crazy and creative outfits Westbrook created the brand Honor the Gift and released a signature shoe with Jordan Brand called the Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 this season. Westbrook continues to push the boundaries of fashion and push the tempo on the court. He hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down this season with some of these outfits below from his Honor The Gift Instagram feed.

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