Wrestlers are Built Different

Are Wrestlers Built Different?

Short answer: Yes

“Built different” is a common phrase thrown around the internet streets. It is just another way to pat yourself on the back, say that you have an advantage over another group for some reason.

In the Vendetta slack channel it has come to the companies attention that some people really do not give a rats ass about anything, and work ethic is the primary focus of the one sided debate. Bottom line is people aren’t pulling their weight, or doing anything at all for that matter and I started to wonder why.

On episode 93 of That’s Some Cheese I joined Trey on the podcast. According to Trey “for winning the post and view wise” of all the interns, I was afforded the chance to come on the show and introduce myself to the site and his podcast audience.

Trey was fired up and mad at this intern class for not doing anything to date, and I came across better than the rest because I put in the effort. To me I am just doing what I know best, work hard and keep my head down, something I have done for years and years, it comes naturally to me at this stage of my life. He then said something that really changed my perspective

Especially, I don’t know what else it is, but those former wrestlers have that work ethic, they really do.

Trey Daubert on That’s Some Cheese Episode 93

I didn’t really think it was specifically wrestling that gave me my edge, but as I talk to more and more of the writers on the site, I keep finding out there are wrestlers amongst us. Coincidentally (or not) those are the guys that have had the most success thus far.

Trey, the founder of the site was a wrestler in Pennsylvania and then went to college to wrestle as well. Anthony Fontanello is also a former wrestler who does really well on the site. Bryan Tann the host of The Tanndemonium Sports Show also informed me he was a wrestler. Chad Bauman who is the co-host of The Lead Word with Trey Daubert is also a former wrestler who has done well on the site

Wrestling is a sport where you are out there by yourself, it is just you on the mat and you control your own destiny. The discipline that comes along with cutting weight, monitoring your water intake and weighing your food is something I never thought too much about but clearly has had an effect on all of our lives.

Now I am not saying that only wrestlers succeed. I know there are tons of people who work and write for Vendetta that are not wrestlers and they do well themselves as well.

TL//DR: Wrestlers are built different, the discipline they present are unmatched… to some.