NBA 2K21
NBA 2K21

The NBA 2K21 demo dropped today for current generation consoles. It’s usually a big deal when the 2K demo drops as it’s our first look at the new 2K and see all the changes that were made from last year. However, after watching some gameplay, it is safe to say that 2K does not care about this generation.


I’ll keep it a buck with everyone. I’m currently at my day job while watching this and haven’t gotten to actually play the demo yet. My work is more of getting something assigned to me (I work in software design) and sometimes I’ve got time in between jobs. I’ve been watching Agent00 stream, as he’s probably one of the more in depth MyPlayer guys in the community. I’ll be able to play it when I get home today, but I doubt my feelings about the game change.

2K20 or 2K21?

Agent00 2k21 steam

The player building and the badge system is exactly the same as last year, with some reported tweaks to the badges. I’ve crapped on Madden for not making simple changes to their UI, but at least they made changes. 2K has made no effort here. Everything looks the same. There’s so much unknown about this game right now that people are having trouble determining what build to make. It was only mentioned once, but I’m pretty sure I heard Agent say that there was a cap on the Hall of Fame badges you can have. I don’t know if that is true, so that’s something I’ll have to hold judgement on that until I play it.

The animations look exactly the same. Layups, hop steps, the green splash when you get a perfect release, everything is the same. I did not think a developer could be more lazy. I know that there was a shift in focus to next gen, but this is ridiculous.

Does New Always Mean Good?

Agent00 2k21 stream

There are a small noticeable amount of new features in NBA 2K21. Just like in real life, the shot clock has been added around the free throw line. Cool I guess? Makes it feel like more realistic? There’s also this new aiming while shooting a layup. I’m not sure how to feel about that. I know 2K has been wanting to create a larger skill gap. I honestly hope it’s a feature that can be turned off. I’m extremely casual when it comes to playing 2K and just want to chill with friends or do rebuilds. These where the only two changes I could see.

Do Not Buy This Game

Please, for the love of God, do not buy this game. We cannot reward lazy effort by game developers. It is clear that 2K does not care about 2K21 current gen players. I feel bad for the people that will not be able to spend the $500 or so that a next gen console will cost. I’m probably one of those people right now because I’m broke as hell. The lack off effort honestly pisses me off and will pass on the current gen game. If I’m lucky enough to get a new console, then maybe I’ll give the next gen version a look. But until then, 2K21 is going to be an easy pass. DON’T BUY THIS VERSION OF THE GAME!