Steven Adams
Steven Adams is hot garbage. Small ball is here to stay and the Rockets are exposing Adams. Don’t build your team around goofy centers. (Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

As I’m writing this, the Thunder currently trail the Rockets 2-1 in the first round of the 2020 NBA Playoffs. Things can change day by day when it comes to this series. If I have one takeaway to the series, it’s Steven Adams. God is he awful and totally worthless. If the Thunder are going to comeback and win this series, they have to overcome Adams.

Steven Adams is hot garbage and is epitomizing everything I’ve said about centers. Stop building your team around them. Stop giving centers the bag. More specifically, one’s that can’t get up and down the floor. More specifically, one’s that can’t hit a 3. Steven Adams in neither of those things. Adams has been exposed during the series against the small ball Rockets.

Adams looks goofy and uncoordinated on the floor. Short sample size but Adams is averaging 2.7 turnovers and 0.3 blocks per game. Despite being significantly taller than everybody else, Adams isn’t blocking shots and getting killed trying to move the ball around.

Sure, Adams is averaging 3 offensive and 12 total rebounds per game. That’s not good enough. PJ Tucker is averaging 2 offensive rebounds per game. That CAN’T happen! That’s the only reason Adams should even be on the floor. Adams is killing the Thunder. So much so that he has an overall +/- of -15.5 while OKC is +7 when Adams sits. THAT’S BAD.

Adams can make his shots in close but that’s not good enough. You gotta make your free throws in this type of series where the Rockets constantly get to the line. Adams only makes .582 percent of his free throws.

Adams looks completely unplayable. Slow, uncoordinated, and never dominates in the areas that he should. The worst part? Adams makes more than $25 million per year. If the Thunder are going to do any damage in the postseason, Adams needs to be better or the supporting cast needs to overcome how terrible he is.