Patrick Corbin
Patrick Corbin has signed with the Washington Nationals (ROSS D. FRANKLIN/AP)

Patrick Corbin is coming off a career year and has really cashed in. The former Diamondbacks lefty will sign with the Washington Nationals. The deal will be for 6 years and $140 million. Corbin spent the offseason visiting the Nationals along with the Phillies and Yankees. The Nats came out the winner in the sweepstakes.

The news was first reported by Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post:

There was a lot of speculation that either the Yankees or Phillies would land Corbin. The Phillies have not been shy about their plan to spend and reports came out that Philly would not be outbid. Corbin grew up a Yankees fan so there was plenty of speculation that he would wind up there. Reports also surfaced that the Yankees did not offer a 6th year which may have prevented them from signing him. The Nats were thought to be an afterthought. Especially with Bryce Harper sitting in free agency. It’s doubtful Harper returns to D.C. after landing Corbin to a mega-deal.

Personally, this Corbin thing has never made sense to me. If he was so good then why did Arizona not pitch him at all in the postseason a year ago? Corbin is coming off one great year where he went 11-7 with a 3.15 ERA. 11.1 strikeouts per 9. However, the two prior years, it would be difficult to call Corbin even mediocre. A 2017 ERA of 4.03 and 2016 ERA of 5.15 isn’t cutting it. Good news is he gets to stay in the smooth sailing National League which may have played into the decision.

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Washington will forfeit their 2nd and 5th round selections in the 2019 MLB Draft for signing Corbin. They also lose $1 million in international bonus slot money. Those penalties come much harsher because Washington was a luxury tax team (that did not make the postseason) in 2018. If Corbin pans out, a Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, and Patrick Corbin trio will be deadly at the top of the rotation. The only thing that’s clear now is Bryce Harper has played his last game as a member of the Washington Nationals.