Bryce Harper
The greatest science experiment of all-time has been revealed – the secret to Bryce Harper’s hair! (Evan Habeeb/USA TODAY Sports)

Bryce Harper is hitting the snot out of the ball. We have heard about the 2018 free agent class for 800 years. Harper is leading that charge as he looks to become baseball’s first $400 million man. Harper is doing his part to prove that he will be worth that high price tag. He is posting a .333 average, .523 on-base percentage, and 6 home runs. However, any team that signs Harper next year also gets his hairpiece.

Bryce Harper really loves his hair dryers! Check out his older brother, Bryan, film Bryce double-fisting hair dryers.

Bryce’s older brother, Bryan, is a pitcher in the Nats organization. He plays for the Nats AA team in Harrisburg PA. Like any older brother, picking on your younger brother is just a thing. Regardless, shout out to Bryan. There hasn’t been a pitcher this year to catch Bryce looking. It’s unclear if Bryce is angry about all of this. I’m sure he would have liked to keep his technics under wrap.

Maybe this is Bryan’s way of reminding Bryce that he needs to keep his brother in the fold. Does Bryan get a 5 percent off his next contract? Is it 10 percent?

The Nationals will need Harper to keep having good hair days or whatever he’s doing to continue this dominance. This has to be the year the Nats finally win a playoff series because there’s no lock that Harper comes back for the 2019 season.