The Phillies are going to spend a stupid amount of money so that they can ruin their franchise. What could go wrong! (Matt Rourke/AP Photo)

The Philadelphia Phillies are the darlings of the MLB offseason. No team has more money to spend. A big market team with almost no large contracts on the books. The Phillies are in on everyone. Manny Machado, Bryce Harper, Craig Kimbrel, and others are very much in play. In an era where teams are cautious to hand out large contracts, the Phillies are zigging when others are zagging.

However, Phillies owner John Middleton came out with a wild quote:

“We’re going into this expecting to spend money, and maybe even be a little bit stupid about it,” he told Bob Nightengale or USA Today. He then added, “we just prefer not to be completely stupid.”

Unbelievable. This is why I hate people. I can’t wait for this disaster to happen. Apparently, Middleton is craving the good ole days with Rueben Amaro. Nothing was better than paying Ryan Howard to strikeout 800 times a year on an awful contract. Yes, the days of Cole Hamels rotting away on a team filled with players pulled out a nursing home was great. I have news for you pal, your team sucks with or without 2 high priced free agents.

Nothing would be dumber than signing either Harper or Machado for a $300 million-plus deal. Hey, let’s blow our load on Machado who is a total scumbag and can’t even run to first. Hey, let’s go all in on Bryce Harper who had a -26 defensive runs saved last year and has hit below .250 in two of the last three years.

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I think we need to start thinking whether general manager Matt Klentak has a damn clue what he’s doing? His tenure is already off to a rough start wasting money on Carlos Santana and moving Rhys Hoskins to left field. Who was the moron that thought that was a good idea? The only thing the Phillies fans have to root for is the Phillies losing a bidding war for Harper and or Machado and that scenario is looking increasingly unlikely.