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Najee Harris
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Najee Harris Hates Pro Football Focus

Najee Harris
Najee Harris still hates Pro Football Focus for calling him the worst pick of the 2021 NFL Draft. Don’t worry, Najee, we hate them too. (Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Najee Harris Hates Pro Football Focus

Once upon a time, Pro Football Focus called Najee Harris the worst first round pick of the 2021 NFL Draft. Don’t worry, the Steelers running back has not forgotten about it.

After a really productive rookie season, Harris spoke with the New York Post recently and made no secret about the fact that he HATES Pro Football Focus:

“Well, everybody’s entitled to their opinion,” Harris told The Post, laughing. “I hate PFF too.”

Don’t worry, Najee, we hate PFF too. Here, check out this video I had made a few days ago. It’s must see TV. The only thing PFF is good at is making fools of themselves. I’m just really glad current players are fighting back against this shit company that for whatever reason people have decided to take seriously.

Look, I understand (sort of) where PFF is coming from. Taking running backs in the first round probably isn’t a wise choice. However, to say Harris was the worst pick in the entire first round of the draft is insane.

We know two things about Najee:

A: He’s ridiculously talented. When you break SEC rushing records, you’re probably pretty damn good. We’re talking about a guy who was the number two overall recruit in the country during his HS recruiting class.

B: Harris is also a really good person. You know you’re going to get his A+ effort. Investing your time in good people who are also talented usually winds up being a pretty good decision.

I just love that Harris holds grudges like this. He still hates Todd McShay (how could you not?). Also, are we just going to ignore the fact that Travis Etienne got picked one slot later and he just flat out sucks?

Harris is quickly becoming one of the best running backs in the sport. I can think of plenty of guys who got picked a year ago that were clearly worse selections. Kadarius Toney and Alex Leatherwood are two easy ones that come to mind.

Can we schedule Najee for an interview? I just want to talk to him for an hour about how he hates PFF and Todd McShay. We might be best friends?

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