Najee Harris Todd McShay
Najee Harris tells Todd McShay to kiss his ass after Adam Schefter read his scouting report. Harris later in the interview makes McShay look like a complete fool. (Dale Zanine/USA Today Sports)

Najee Harris Tells Todd McShay To Kiss His Ass

I have no respect for Todd McShay. Apparently, I’m not the only one. Alabama running back Najee Harris isn’t too fond of McShay either. Harris recently made an appearance on Adam Schefter’s podcast and had some choice words for McShay.

Schefter read McShay’s scouting report on Harris to him and the Bama running back gave quite the response.

“I think Todd McShay can kiss my a–,” Harris said.

“How is he gonna say ‘He showed better production?’ I did not play my freshman or sophomore seasons, rarely, ever. I didn’t have an opportunity to show I could catch. It’s not ’cause I can’t, it’s ’cause I wasn’t in the game to show people I could catch. So let’s just stop looking at the stat sheet and watch the game.”

For the record, Harris is not wrong. McShay’s report is dog shit. Harris catches the ball very well. Always has. My favorite thing about McShay’s report is how he says Harris has greatly improved. Harris’ yard per carry marks are virtually identical from his junior to senior year. Somehow, McShay had Harris as a 4th rounder coming into this year. JOKE.

Look, anybody that has Ryan Finley listed as a first round prospect clearly doesn’t know how to scout. It’s not a shot at the guy. Just the truth. If someone doesn’t know the answer to 2+2, they shouldn’t be a math professor. McShay’s opinion means nothing when it comes to the draft. Truthfully, I’m not sure how the guy got a job, to begin with.

I love the response from Najee Harris basically calling Todd McShay a loser in the best way possible. His answer was very logical and made McShay look like the dummy that he is.

Side note: How does anybody listen to the Adam Schefter podcast? Seriously. Does he have a personality? Who would take time out of their day to listen to that?