Muj Fricke
Barstool Esports personality Muj Fricke quits Barstool following controversy at company. (Barstool Image)

If you haven’t been following the Barstool timeline recently, I’ll try my best to sum it up quickly. This old video resurfaced on the internet.

That Twitter account posted a number of questionable videos from Barstool. Jemele Hill was one person to follow suit.

Dave Portnoy defended himself but I think the more notable reply was from Kirk Minihan who proceeded to call Hill a hypocrite for questionable things her and her employers have done in the past.

Portnoy then puts out a video defending himself.

A group of African American Barstool employees are not happy with the response. Nor should they be. They then proceed to put out this podcast. I don’t really know what words to say when putting this podcast into the post other than to say that’s the name of the show it was called.

Barstool’s primary Esports personality, Muj Fricke then quits following all of the controversy.

Brandon Newman responded with this tweet.

Portnoy responded soon after.

To put a cherry on top, Muj Fricke of course, had his own offensive tweets that were later revealed.

What an absolute tire fire. I’ll now add my own spin here. Personally, I think the Colin Kaepernick story is the dumbest story in sports. The guy can’t play and this is coming from someone who 100 percent agrees with everything Kaep stands for. However, Portnoy took it too far calling him a terrorist. Portnoy was also never going to apologize because that’s just his style. I’m sure he believes it was a joke that just didn’t land whether you think that’s okay or not. That’s what he believes.

There have been rumblings that Newman will leave Barstool after his contract expires. You can see the bad blood. Do you blame him? Nope. Does Portnoy have a point in his reply? Sure, he does. Many Barstool employees are replaceable. Big Cat and PFT are not replaceable. Portnoy fought like hell to keep Call Her Daddy. He will not lose sleep at night if Muj or Newman walks out the door. That’s just a reality.

You can understand where Portnoy is coming from to a degree. With a comedy site, the goal posts move over the years. Some jokes land and others do not. This one certainly did not which gives people like Newman every right to not be happy about it.

So what happens next? Who the hell knows. This story doesn’t feel close to coming to an end. For Muj, I would guess he will try to go out on his own and build up a Twitch stream. This doesn’t feel like the last fire to burn regarding this story.