Alex Cooper
“See you fuckers on Wednesday” It turns out Alex Cooper isn’t totally insane. Her vlog makes a lot of sense and make Sophia look like a psycho.

“See you fuckers on Wednesday”

That’s how Alex Cooper ended her half hour vlog Saturday night. Call Her Daddy is coming back on the air. After reported tension between Alex and Sophia Franklyn (the hosts of the show) we now know an important element. Alex Cooper isn’t insanse.

You have to give Alex credit. She deserves credit for editing the show. The writing and editing for 20 hours a week seems unnecessary but it works obviously. She at least has the self-awareness to be semi grateful for the opportunity.

The original story and the follow up by Dave Portnoy illustrates a bunch of brats that let fame get in their head. That’s not the case at all. Alex is very rational and Sophia wasn’t born on earth. She’s either the craziest person on earth or got the worst advice in the world.

Portnoy initially offered the Daddy hosts the IP which nobody gets in this business. Cooper only hesitated on taking the initial deal because she tried her best to stay by her friend. Sophia acted like a lunatic and now lost the show, IP, and friend.

If you want to know what’s going on with the show, then watch the vlog. All I can say is Sophia is a lunatic. WOW. Turning down the IP, acting like a jackass, trying to get rehired, and then intentionally fired right away. Send her to Mars and the boyfriend, Peter Nelson. There’s no other way to put it. Sophia Franklyn is either insane or got bad advice from a boyfriend who had a clear ax to grind against Barstool.