Kickers are people too and it’s more than okay to overspend on them in fantasy. Shove your data elsewhere because it’s wrong. (Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports)

This will be a controversial blog to some. Mostly those including the loser fantasy experts that sit by their computer and rattle off how they will take player X in the 15th round with the 2nd pick but won’t do so two picks later. You’re a loser if you do snake drafts anyway. I’m going to tell you why it’s ok to overspend on kickers.

Look, I’m not talking crazy here. I’m saying if you want to reach a tad and spend an extra dollar or two to grab a premier kicker, it’s probably smart. Most of the time, that dart throw that you take in fantasy probably doesn’t work unless you have my last name. Just the way it is. Ensuring yourself that you get a good kicker is just smart business.

I’m not even going to use Justin Tucker because he’s clearly the best in the business. Let’s just use Wil Lutz and Harrison Butker. Two really good kickers that you should have no problem extending a little for.

Below I’m going to list the fantasy finishes for Wil Lutz:

2016: 7th (147 points)

2017: 6th (161 points)

2018: 3rd (151 points)

2019: 2nd (163 points)

I shouldn’t even count 2016 because he was a rookie. You might be thinking to yourself, so what? Even the difference between Mason Crosby who’s a good kicker but not a great kicker is drastic. Keep in mind Crosby even plays for a good offense with Aaron Rodgers.

Below are the finishes for Mason Crosby.

2016: 17th (129 points)

2017: 26th (84 points)

2018: 6th (145 points)

2019: 18th (115 points)

Just think about that. We’re talking about losing an average of 37.25 points per year. I’m not doing that. You can, I’m not. That’s not just a small number. That’s the same as over 370 rushing yards. You can give up that margin. I’m not.

That’s even comparing a very good to a good kicker. Now let’s just pretend you’re that jackass that doesn’t care and is good with Stephen Hauschka. You think you’re smarter than everybody that you will take the last guy left and trout him out there. Hauschka is an ok kicker. He’s good enough to keep his starting job and make occasional long range bomb. Now compare him to Harrison Butker.

Below are the finishes for Butker side by side compared to Hauschka.

  • 2017 Butker – 7th (160 points) Hauschka – 13th (137 points)
  • 2018 Butker – 5th (147 points) Hauschka – 20th (106 points)
  • 2019 Butker – 1st (166 points) Hauschka – 22nd (107 points)

That’s even being nice. I shouldn’t even use 2017 because Butker was a rookie and Alex Smith was the starter. Since 2018, Butker is averaging FIFTY more points per year. 50! You can be the guy that waits on kickers. I’m not doing that. I want the best at everything and guess what, Kickers are people too! I want the best kicker too.

It’s hard to outscore somebody by 50. I don’t know what data these anti kicker people use but it’s not right. Picking a really good kicker doesn’t mean you automatically got the best one that year but it sure as hell makes a big difference. Vote kicker 2020.