Brian Cashman
Brian Cashman came out with a wild quote after failing to sign Patrick Corbin (Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Nobody in baseball has a bigger mouth than Brian Cashman. For a guy that continues to lose, he sure doesn’t stop talking. Cashman took the podium at the Winter Meetings and was asked about Patrick Corbin who recently signed with the Washington Nationals. His answer will shock you because no human can possibly be so stupid.

The following is from Joel Sherman of the NY Post:

“I thought he was the best free agent pitcher in the market” — Cashman on Corbin

“#Yankees talked 4- and 5-year concepts with Corbin. Never made firm offer because were told 6 yrs, $126M was a starting point and 6 yrs was always going to be a breaking point for NYY. The gap was not little, it was large in NYY view.”

I can’t believe how stupid this guy is. I don’t understand how Cashman’s mind works. Again, I feel like I have to take over but this is how you answer this sort of question.

“I’m not authorized to talk about another player that is under contract by another organization” – Trey Daubert

That’s it. Leave it at that. Nothing else. Now your entire fan base is pissed that the richest organization is the sport got outbid by the Gnat, I mean Nats. It’s so pathetic that Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner love impersonating Mr. Krabs. Could you imagine 20 years ago George Steinbrenner getting outbid for ‘the number one pitcher on the market’ and New York kid who wants to play for the Yankees? It’s so pathetic.

Cashman just reminds me so much of Albert Einstein. I get that Einstein was regarded as smart or whatever, but if he was so intelligent then why did he marry his cousin? That describes Cashman perfectly. He makes good moves to keep his team in the hunt but some of the things he does are totally asinine. How about the time he released Nathan Eovaldi? HAHAHA. Do Yankee fans actually like Cashman? I really want to know.

Corbin inked a 6-year deal worth $140 million. The Yankees offer came in at 5 years for $100 million. The Yankees offer wasn’t even competitive. Yikes. Will the Yankees make actually make a splash? Who knows.