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ESPN Columnist, Coley Harvey, Needs A Brain Examination After His Latest Article Bashing Joe West

Joe West

(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Joe West
Credit to Joe West for being nearly perfect umping the ALCS. Hell of an umpire. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

The Red Sox are one win away from reaching the World Series for the 4th time since 2003. Boston won game 4 of the ALCS 8-6 over the defending champion Houston Astros. The storyline should get centered around whether the 108 win Red Sox are the greatest team that baseball has ever seen if they win the World Series but unfortunately that isn’t the case. The game of baseball has so much excitement around it but idiots have decided to make it negative somehow. What a shame.

The controversy surrounding the game came down to a first-inning call. The last time I checked there is still 8 minutes to go but that’s neither here nor there. Fans in Houston were upset when they were convinced that Jose Altuve hit a 2-run home run in the first inning only to find out that Mookie Betts was interfered with. On the field, crew chief Joe West made a fantastic call on the field calling fan interference from the get-go. The call went to replay and it became very obvious that Mookie Betts was interfered with.

I’m not sure where the controversy is coming from? Fans clearly interfere with Betts. The call went to replay. If there was anything and I mean anything to overturn the call, the call would have been changed to a double. Not a home run considering the ball never landed in the stands. The ball came back to the field of play.

Below is the entire conversation between Joe West and the media.

Again, what more do you people want? Clearly fan interference. Credit to Joe West for making a great call on the field. If it was a bad call, the replay would have overturned it. Case closed.

Then we have ESPN columnist, Coley Harvey, who is apparently is tasked with covering the ALCS. He decided to spend his time recapping the game by interviewing Astros fans in the stands. Typical ESPN employee wasting his time on nonsense… how predictable. (You can read that waste of time column here). The title of Harvey’s column is – ‘If Boston wins this series, then Joe West is the MVP’: Fans at center of controversial call tell all. Let’s break this down piece by piece.

A: Joe West made the right call. Not only did he make the right call, but he was also tasked with calling balls and strikes in game three. Joe West not only did a fantastic job calling balls and strikes in game 3, but he was also almost perfect at it. Joe West missed ONE PITCH in Game 3. ONE. He called 159 out of 160 strikes called correctly resulting in a 99.4 percent clip. Hey Coley, before you waste your time interviewing idiot fans, how about you look at the facts and credit Joe West for calling a hell of a game so far. Hey Coley, do you think you could call a near perfect game behind the plate? Do you think any of those fans could? Then shove your article up your arse.

B: Don’t you think we should have an Astros reporter doing this column? ESPN… If you’re going to publish a biased column from the perspective of Astros fans, wouldn’t you want someone who covers the team? You could even use a Red Sox reporter. Hell, you could even use a Royals, Indians, Blue Jays, or Padres reporter, but that’s not what ESPN did either. They used a biased Yankees reporter to write this story. I don’t know, don’t you think there’s a problem when a Yankees fan is tasked with writing a hate piece on the Red Sox? Automatically, you become a total clown show. Want to do something productive with your time? Write me an article about how the Yankees have lost their way. Write about how the Yankees started penny-pinching. Write me an article about how the Red Sox are still playing and the Yankees are sitting at home. The Red Sox have another game to play… no days off for the Sox.

C: One of the fans who was clearly interfered with Mookie Betts was wearing a Reagan and Bush hat. Talk about a guy. Anyone who wears such a clown hat automatically has zero credibility. That would be like interviewing a crack head about how the NBA Salary cap works. Was this supposed to be a comedy piece? It would be one thing if you interviewed someone with a normal Astros hat. Sure, carry on on your waste of time article. It’s another thing to rock a Reagan – Bush hat? Yeah, you know, let’s support a guy who cost taxpayers billions of dollars and killed millions of innocent people on the so-called drug war in South America for the sole reason that our country wasn’t profiting on cocaine. What a joke.

D: I wonder if Coley Harvey thinks his article has any value? Do you think he went to bed last night and fist pumped? I wonder if ESPN congratulated him on the worst blogging performance in the 21st century? Fantastic job Coley, write an article where 1,000 words are filled with meaningless quotes. Hell of a job!

It’s Time For Brian Cashman To Call Dave Dombrowski His Daddy, How The Red Sox Became Baseball’s New Evil Empire

I could go on and one. Suddenly no one talks about the ball Steve Pearce hit in game 3 when he was robbed of a two-run double. The ball clearly hit the wall and made a huge sound and yet that was ignored when people thought Tony Kemp made a clean catch.

You know what the Sox did? They fought back and scored 8 runs. You know what they did in Game 4? They scored 8 runs. The Astros had 8 innings to turn things around even though the call was correct. The Red Sox are up 3-1 in this series because they are the better team.


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