Mitchell Trubisky
(Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Mitchell Trubisky Signs One-Year Deal With Buffalo

The news just broke today; Mitchell Trubisky just inked a deal with the Buffalo Bills on a one-year contract. Now, if I were a fan of the Bills I would say, “Hey, he could be a solid backup, why not?” But if I’m a Mitch Trubisky fan (if they even exist), I would say, “All hope is gone”.

There is no guarantee that Trubisky will even be secure in that second-string slot. The Bills just drafted former Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm in 2020. Now, he’ll have to fight for a backup role on a one-year deal that shows nearly zero commitment from the Bills organization. Not only that, he will be placed behind Josh Allen, who is coming off of an insane pro-bowl year that shot him into the elite QB conversation. If there’s any team that does not need a mediocre caliber backup right now, it’s the 2020 AFC East Champion Buffalo Bills.

Will He Ever Start Again?

To answer this question, let’s take a look back at Trubisky’s 2020 season. He started 2020 as a starter up until he lost the starting job to Nick Foles in just Week 3. Then, the Bears went on a miserable six-game losing streak and elected to start Trubisky again in Week 12. By then, his confidence had to be completely shot, but he still managed to finish the season with 2,055 yards, 16 touchdowns, eight interceptions, and a 67% completion rate through nine starts.

Then, the Bears squeaked into the playoffs at 8-8 and made an inevitable first-round exit. If there was any quarterback that perfectly epitomized what it means to be mediocre, it has got to be Mitch Trubisky. It is also worth noting that Trubisky wanted to return to Chicago, but clearly, Chicago did not want him back. If an 8-8 team didn’t want him, it astonishes me that a 13-3 team does. I will be surprised to see Trubisky start again in his career. The only way that happens is if that tank of a human Josh Allen misses a start from injury. Mitch Trubisky will forever be known as the QB that was miraculously and mistakenly selected before Patrick Mahomes in 2017.