Mike Mayock
Mike Mayock claims he liked Damon Arnette as much as Jeff Okudah. Are we sure this Mayock guy knows what he’s doing? (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Mike Mayock: ‘I Liked Damon Arnette As Much As Jeff Okudah’

I recently ripped Mike Mayock in a recent post. Hey, maybe it’s time to acknowledge that this guy actually doesn’t know how to scout. I don’t care what anybody says, the Raiders did not have a good draft last year. This next comment by Mayock sealed it. There’s not way this guy knows what he’s doing.

In an interview with SiriusXM, general manager Mike Mayock said he liked Damon Arnette as much as he liked Jeff Okudah. Not a joke:

“I liked Arnette as much as (Jeff) Okudah. If you look at the production, Arnette’s got more production. He played last year hurt with a broken right wrist. I think he is the best tackler in this draft. I think he is an old-school bump-and-run Raiders cornerback that’s physical and nasty.”

First of all… why. What on earth would make you say this? This is a quote you can’t take back. If Okudah turns into a star and Arnette is even just a good player, Mayock is going to look like an absolute fool.

Next, c’mon. I get why you would like Damon Arnette. His reasoning is pathetic. Yes, Arnette had more tackles, interceptions, and pass deflections in his college career. Arnette is also a 5th year Senior. Okudah was a true Junior. Add in the fact that there’s a ton of data that shows teams stopped throwing the ball in the direction of Okudah and attacked Arnette constantly. Did Mike Mayock not watch the games or was he trying to fool people?

The pressure is on. Vegas took two big swings this draft. Henry Ruggs was the first wide receiver off the board and Damon Arnette went a round higher than anybody thought. Time will tell.