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Chalk Up Another W For Trey: DeShone Kizer Sucks

DeShone Kizer
We can officially close the book. DeShone Kizer sucks. It doesn’t feel fair that Mike Mayock an NFL GM when I put him in my back pocket. (Tim Warner/Getty Images)

Chalk Up Another W For Trey: DeShone Kizer Sucks

Stay with me here for a second as we walk down memory lane. One of the jobs I would love to have is to commentate the NFL Scouting Combine eventually. One of the few guys I could actually stand to listen to about the draft was Mike Mayock who used to call the event. Mayock was the one guy that actually sounded like he knew what he was talking about on TV.

Being a general manager is the goal for me. A turning point for me was 2017. Mayock put out his quarterback big board. He had DeShone Kizer number one. No, seriously, he did. I didn’t understand it. The Kizer thing was a big litmus test for me. C’mon, DeShone Kizer isn’t making it. If Mayock thinks Kizer is good, I’m better than him at this. Hell, I’m better than everybody at this.

These were the combine notes I had on the former Notre Dame quarterback:

“The other is DeShone Kizer from Notre Dame. First of all, I can’t even understand how this guy is held in high regard. Kizer only completed 58.7 percent of his throws in 2016. I can promise you that no collegiate quarterback ever makes it in the NFL if he can’t throw better than 60 percent in college. Take a look at Kizer throwing. You really want to like what you see as it’s easy to tell that he has elite tools but the mechanics are highly inconsistent is can’t hit the broadside of a barn.

Kizer was so bad in 2016 that he went 4-8 for Notre Dame in 2016 and was benched in the middle of two games I watched (Stanford & USC). If you can’t win in college with an offensive guru in Brian Kelly, good luck having success in the NFL. Trust me pass on Kizer, you won’t regret it.”

I only needed to see two games. The guy couldn’t play. Not even a little. Mayock was in to two quarterbacks. DeShone Kizer and Mitch Trubisky. Both of whom were ASS. Just watch this video from the combine.

Mayock had just the most bizarre comments.

A: Mayock praises his athleticism. Kizer proceeds to run a 4.84. Huh?

B: Mayock then says Mitch Trubisky had the best tape. Buddy, what games were you watching?

C: Mayock then says Kizer has the biggest upside in the draft. The same guy who his own head coach said he sucked.

Forget about even the college performance for a second. All you had to do is watch this guy throw the ball at the combine. His base was terrible. He squatted like a duck every time he dropped back. It was unnatural knee bend. He had no chance. There’s a reason why he wasn’t accurate. Watch his ass and knee bend. Horrendous. There’s a reason why he wasn’t accurate even throwing it during the drills. All starts from the bottom half.

It’s no surprise that Mayock signed him while running the Raiders. Today is the today I get to claim victory. The book is out. DeShone Kizer sucks, the Raiders cut him, and now got claimed by the CFL. In 18 career games, Kizer threw for 53.1%, 3,081 yards with 11 touchdown passes and 24 interceptions. Trey wins again.

Listen, I hate to sound arrogant but it’s pretty annoying when the guy who was wildly wrong gets a multi million general manager job and the guy who is constantly right is waiting for an opportunity. My time is coming. I’ll just continue to stack wins in the mean time.

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