Damon Arnette
Mike Mayock essentially admitted that Damon Arnette isn’t 100 percent committed and needs to dedicate himself more in the weight room. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Mike Mayock: Damon Arnette Has To Focus On Weight Room, Nutrition

I can’t get enough of Mike Mayock. It’s kind of like a girl you have no interest in dating but always find fascinating so you follow her on social media just to see the drunk snapchats. That’s Mayock to a T.

The guy not only sucks at drafting but then finds a way to say the wildest shit over and over. The Raiders overdraft Damon Arnette. The former Ohio State corner had talent but probably wasn’t a first round prospect. Additionally, Arnette also came with character concerns. Now Mayock is admitting he’s concerned about said character issues. WILD.

“I think it’s a huge offseasonfor Damon,” Mayock said. “What he needs is the consistency of nutrition, a weight room and a workout regimen. And he needs to apply himself religiously. We have no problems with his quickness, with his ability to cover and his innate competitiveness. It’s the other things. Because when things come easy to you, you don’t always work on the other things. And now Damon really has to focus on the weight room, the nutrition and the daily regimen of getting himself ready for camp.”

Not exactly the thing you want to hear about a first round pick. Mayock essentially admitted that Arnette isn’t committed to his craft and is calling him out to the media. I’m not sure that’s the move you want to go with. The Raiders will continue to be the Raiders.

Arnette didn’t exactly blow the doors off his rookie season. In 9 games, Arnette failed to record an interception and notched just two pass deflections. Then again, he did play a good chunk of the year with a club after a hand injury.

Regardless, Mike Mayock and the Raiders need Damon Arnette to become a star corner. That first round pick was part of the Khalil Mack trade. There’s a lot riding on the Arnette pick for Vegas.