Nick Sirianni
Former NFL general manager Mike Lombardi thinks that the Nick Sirianni hire is a disaster by Philadelphia. Time will tell. (Matt Kryger/IndyStar, via USA TODAY Sports)

Mike Lombardi Thinks The Nick Sirianni Hire Is A Disaster

The good people of Philadelphia ran Andy Reid out of town once upon a time. Now they’re in rebuild mode and have hired Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni. It’s hard to know what Sirianni brings to the table. Former NFL general manager Mike Lombardi HATES the hire.


“There’s no way Josh McDaniels is in a room and Nick Sirianni’s in the same room and they’re talking football and you’re going to pick Nick over Josh,” Lombardi said. “There’s just no way. There’s no way. It’s not even close. Because I know Josh so well that his level is far exceeding most people.”

“I think it’s the Eagles’ mistake,” Lombardi said. “I mean, they hired a guy, never called plays. Never called plays. … The Eagles are truly like a nostalgic tour band. They want to go and they want to hire somebody who has reached that 17th season and they can’t get Frank Reich, so they’ll take a coach who’s been with Frank Reich. I mean, I think this is going to be a hard event.”

Lombardi does make a great point. Philadelphia realized Frank Reich was the mastermind of their Super Bowl run. If they can’t get Reich back let’s go get the guy who worked closest with him.

It’s also an incredibly risky hire. Sirianni did not call plays for the Colts. What does he bring to the table? It’s impossible to really know. Philadelphia held a very lengthy interview with Josh McDaniels who Lombardi obviously thinks was the much better option.

The only thing we do know is this Eagles job is not an easy one to take over. The roster is a mess, there’s no young talent, the team is well over the cap, and there’s quarterback controversy. Good luck! Even if Sirianni knows what he’s doing, he still might fail under these circumstances.