Howie Roseman
Michael Perez/Associated Press

Roseman Needs to Go

Howie Roseman may be one of the worst general managers in the NFL. I honestly do not understand how this guy has a job. He has butchered the Philadelphia Eagles roster and put them so far over the cap, that there is little to no hope of getting better through free agency. Roseman needs to be fired.

The root of all of Philadelphia’s problems begin with Roseman. The man simply cannot draft players. Did everyone see the video where the Minnesota Vikings front office laughed at Roseman taking Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson? One looks like a bust, and the other looks like the second coming of Randy Moss. Can you guess which is which?

Not to mention taking Jalen Hurts with your second round pick. Why take a quarterback in the second round when you have a QB like Carson Wentz? Roseman invested heavily in Wentz, why draft a back up? If you drafted Hurts to take over as starter, then you’ve screwed yourself out of millions in dead cap. Why not get an offensive lineman or skill position player to help your QB? I could write a 3,000 word article just on the 2020 NFL Draft alone, and Roseman has been part of the Eagles organization since 2000.

Only Part of the Problem

Doug Pederson was a big problem with this team, and he needed to be fired. The guy simply could not coach. Pederson went for 2pt conversions more than anyone in the league, and had multiple questionable 4th down calls. Firing Pederson was a step in the right direction, but he was not the only problem.

The Eagles have no players and no run game. I think it’s impossible for any quarterback to succeed with the current roster. Philadelphia is millions over the cap with an aging roster. And we know the young “talent” being brought in isn’t good. Roseman simply cannot draft. The Eagles have to get someone else in there.

Unfortunately, for now, Eagles fans will have to deal with Howie Roseman for the foreseeable future. This is normally how it goes with GMs. Like Pederson, Roseman will have a Super Bowl excuse that will help keep him there longer than he deserves. Roseman seems pretty friendly with owner Jeffrey Lurie, so he has that going for him. General Managers usually push the blame onto coaches and players, but that’s only supposed to last so long. Roseman may be the GM for eternity. But the sickness that has infected the Eagles sits in the executive chair. Roseman needs to be fired, or the Eagles will dwell among the lowest of the low for the coming decade.